Maple Pecan Oat Muffins // The Sugar Hit

Maple Pecan Oat Muffins


  Maple Pecan Oat Muffins. Incredibly tender, large crumbed muffins, perfect for any time you want an excuse to eat a pancake-flavoured cake for breakfast.   Instagram! I love it. It’s definitely my favourite of all the social platforms. Maybe…

Unbelievable Double Chocolate Cookies // The Sugar Hit

Unbelievable Double Chocolate Cookies


  These are the double chocolate cookies of your dreamz. I know that because they’re the double chocolate cookies of my dreamz. And I assume we have the same cookie-filled dreams, yes? These are the unbelievable double chocolate cookies we’ve…

Quark Pancakes with Thyme Peaches // The Sugar Hit

Quark Pancakes with Thyme Peaches


  Ricotta cheese has been hogging the breakfast pancake spotlight for too long. It’s time to let another mass of curds have a chance. Enter, Quark. It’s the Ricotta of the German speaking countries. A beautiful, soft, mild cheese, most…

Valentine's Day // The Sugar Hit

Nothing says love like Fried Chicken


  It’s trite, it’s schmalzy, it’s a bore, it’s Valentine’s Day. There is no day of the year that inspires more vitriol, nor more sweaty exchanging of stuffed toys between adults, than Valentine’s Day. If you’re not having to lean…