Do me a solid?


  FRIENDS! HOMIES! COUNTRYMEN AND WOMEN! Lend me your votes?   As usual, I have left it way late to say this, but I would love you forever if you would drop over and cast a vote for me in…

Lazy Sunday #2


  Finally, all my Winter-weather summoning dances have paid off. The weather has finally and seriously dropped here in Australia! It was NINE DEGREES overnight (that’s 48F), which is fully winter for us. Like legit cold. And I’m as happy…

Lazy Sunday // The Sugar Hit

Lazy Sunday #1


  Inspired by Joy’s Sunday Things (get on it) and Laura’s Sunday Thymes (go check em out) and Jess’s Currently Crushing On (she knows her stuff) and my own ‘Sunday Supplements’ (the dorkily named Sunday round-ups that I used to…

In defense of Milk Chocolate // The Sugar Hit

In defence of Milk Chocolate


  Talk about unfairly discriminated against foods. No member of the culinary family, particularly in the baking world, cops as much excoriation as Milk Chocolate. Humble Milk Chocolate! The beloved friend to all of us, whilst we were under 12….

Valentine's Day // The Sugar Hit

Nothing says love like Fried Chicken


  It’s trite, it’s schmalzy, it’s a bore, it’s Valentine’s Day. There is no day of the year that inspires more vitriol, nor more sweaty exchanging of stuffed toys between adults, than Valentine’s Day. If you’re not having to lean…

My new favourite food book // The Sugar Hit!

My favourite new food book


  I guess I’m just sitting here trying to work out how I can write this review without it turning into a creepy love letter to Cara Nicoletti, a person who I have never met. If it takes a creepy…