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Brown Butter Buttermilk Pancakes with Mandarin Curd

Buttermilk Pancakes with Mandarin Curd | The Sugar Hit
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Sausage Rolls with Rosemary & Golden Onion [Street Food Monday]

Sausage Rolls with Rosemary and Golden Onion {Street Food Monday} | The Sugar Hit

  Ohhhhh baby, Sausage Rolls. I know if you’re from the UK or Australia, then you totally understand where I’m coming from with this bundle of golden goodness.   But if you’re from the US, or somewhere else, I know that this might take a little selling. Or not, you know, because puff pastry is maybe doing the selling for...

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Toblerone Ice Cream Cake!

Toblerone Ice Cream Cake! | The Sugar Hit

  This cake is a PARRRTAYYYY. I’m talking layers of tender chocolate cake, filled with creamy, milk chocolate-toblerone ice cream, smothered in honey chocolate sauce, and topped with yet more toblerone chunks.   This cake is a babe. If it were a president it would be Babe-raham Lincoln.     You know those occasions in...

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Brioche French Toast with Rosewater, Strawberries and Pistachios

Brioche French Toast with Rosewater, Strawberries and Pistachios | The Sugar Hit

  Here’s a little trivia for ya; in Australia, Winter is Strawberry season. Also, Christmas is in the middle of Summer. And we ride Kangaroos to school, but that’s another story for another time.   So, whilst we unfortunately miss out on eating a juicy strawberry on a Summer’s day, we do get to enjoy the most delicious,...

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Falafel Pita [Street Food Monday]

Falafel Pita for Street Food Monday! | The Sugar Hit

  Street Food MONDAY!!!! Today? Falafel. And if you’re not already totally on board, then I can only assume that you’ve never eaten a falafel. Because if you had eaten a falafel? You would already be grabbing your keys to go and buy the ingredients for this.   Because you would know the glory of the falafel pita, and you would not be...

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Baked Chocolate Mousse & Cherry Whipped Cream

Baked Chocolate Mousse with Cherry Whipped Cream | The Sugar Hit

  This recipe is for days when you want your life to look like Pinterest. Or like something out of the pages of a Bridal magazine.   But in reality, this is actually super easy to whip together, and I ate mine while watching an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and wearing a truly grotty pair of trackpants. I would never lie to you about...

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Single Lady Apple Pancake!

Single Lady Apple Pancake! | The Sugar Hit

  Can you taste that? That, my friends, is the taste of solitude. And it is not bitter.   Please meet, the Single Lady Apple Pancake! And please note that you do not need need to be single or a lady to enjoy one.     Miss Joy the Baker unleashed her original Single Lady Pancake recipe onto the world in 2010, and up until now I...

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 Brown Butter Buttermilk Pancakes with Mandarin Curd are on my blog now! You're going to want to WEAR this curd, it's so delicious. Link in profile!  Street Food Monday! I'm going classic Aussie today with Sausage Rolls....not just any sausage rolls though! (recipe on my blog - link in profile)
 What do you mean dogs can't eat marshmallows? Why?  Now thats-a nice-a laneway.