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Blueberry Pie Donuts

Blueberry Pie Donuts | The Sugar Hit
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Courtesan au Chocolat!

Courtesan au Chocolat | The Sugar Hit

  Raise your hand if you’re a fan of Wes Anderson? OK. Now, raise your hand if you’re a fan of any movie that has a signature pastry? GREAT! I knew you guys would raise your hands.   And because your hands were in the air (like you just don’t care) I KNOW that you’re going to love this pastry.     This...

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Moroccan Mechoui Lamb with Khobz Bread {street food monday}

Moroccan Mechoui Lamb with Khobz Bread | The Sugar Hit

  Fair warning, this is definitely a post for carnivores. But if you are a carnivore, strap yourself in. Let me introduce you to what I like to think of as Morocco’s answer to the U.S.A.’s Southern Barbecue.   Mechoui Lamb, baby. THE street food of the back alleys of Marrakesh.     In the back streets of Morocco, if...

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How to make an EPIC Birthday Cake!

How to make an EPIC Birthday Cake | The Sugar Hit

  You know what’s the best? BIRTHDAYS! And of course, you know the best part of birthdays is….CAKE!   So this post is all about how to make an EPIC birthday cake. And by that I mean THE birthday cake, the classic combination of a buttery, yellow cake, and a rich, chocolaty frosting. With sprinkles. Sprinkles are...

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Cherry & Mascarpone Cheesecake Sundaes!

Cherry and Mascarpone Cheesecake Sundaes | The Sugar Hit

  It’s become clear to me that most of my favourite things to eat are just ‘assembly jobs’. You know what I mean? Dishes which are just a pile of other, smaller delicious things. Take sandwiches, for instance; just a stack of tasty other stuff, between two slices of bread.   Or, for another delicious example, this...

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Greek Chicken Souvlaki {street food monday}

Greek Chicken Souvlaki | The Sugar Hit

  Before we discuss anything else, know that this souvlaki has immediately shot to the top of my favourite-blog-recipes-ever list. It’s that good.   Let me break it down; super-juicy chargrilled chicken marinated in lemon and oregano, crispy oven-fries tossed with feta, tangy mustard aioli, quick lemon-pickled onions, fresh cucumber and...

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Daim Bar Waffles

Daim Bar Waffles! | The Sugar Hit

  You’ve heard of Liege Waffles. You’ve heard of Daim (Dime) Bars. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet; Daim Bar Waffles.   These are straight up my favourite waffles of all time. The waffle dough is like a super-simple brioche, aka deliciousness. The brioche-y dough then gets rippled with chopped up Daim Bars, and when you bake the...

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 Today's recipe is a Sugar Hit take on the courtesan au chocolat! Wes Anderson eat your heart in profile!  You will not regret making a batch of this Shichimi Togarashi caramel corn. It is ADDICTIVE! The recipe and story behind it is up now on @dinexdesign check it out!