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Hot Cross Donuts

Hot Cross Donuts | The Sugar Hit
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The One and Only, Meatball Sub

The one and only Meatball Sub | The Sugar Hit

  I went to a launch the other day. A fancy, adults only style event. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have seen some of tweets and pictures about it already.   It was the launch of Good Food Month here in Brisbane, which I am MORE than happy to wholeheartedly support. In my opinion every month should be good food month. Because,...

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The Best Sticky Date Pudding

The Best Sticky Date Pudding | The Sugar Hit!

  Oh sweet nectar of the gods. Sweet delicious river of molten sugar, butter and cream. How could anyone call you bad?   How could anyone ever look upon the glory of the Stick Date Pudding, swathed as it is in it’s butterscotch blanket, and call it ‘bad for you’?     I just refuse to accept any wisdom,...

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Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake

Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake | The Sugar Hit

  Isn’t it crazy how you can be nostalgic for something that you’ve never even had?   For example, I have spent far too many hours of my life thinking about what my exact plan of action would be if I managed to somehow time-travel back to 1962. I think it would be amazing.     Food has that pull on me more than any...

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Never Fail French Toast

Never Fail French Toast | The Sugar Hit

  French toast, french toast, french toast.   Is there anything we don’t love about you?     Nope. You’re buttery. You’re custardy. You’re breakfast, you’re dessert, you’re delicious. We love everything about you.   But, but…when you’re bad…it’s...

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Blueberry Vanilla Bread

Blueberry Vanilla Bread | The Sugar Hit

  Check that bread out. Looks good, doesn’t it? I like baking things that look impressive, but I LOVE baking things that taste even BETTER than they look.   And this bread has got it. This bread is like Hansel, so hot right now.     If I never got to work with another bread dough in my life, I think I would be OK. Because...

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Corn & Scallion Belgian Waffles

Corn and Scallion Belgian Waffles | The Sugar Hit

  Sometimes inspiration just strikes. Like when you’re driving to the greengrocer to pick up your fruit and vegetables for the week, sure and certain that today you will be making a Bavarian Cream Pie.   It was written in stone. You had decided weeks ago that Bavarian Cream Pie it would be. There’s only so many days a week you can do...

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