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Unicorn Popcorn Rocky Road for Popcorn Week!

Unicorn Popcorn Rocky Road // The Sugar Hit
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It’s the weekend, let’s eat a Sundae

Monkey Business Sundae // The Sugar Hit

  OOOF! Long week, much? I’m about ready to hit the showers, and then maybe stare at a wall for two days or so? I don’t think I can really manage much more than that!   Actually, that’s a lie. I could definitely manage a sundae.     I’m calling this ridicu-licious mess The Monkey Business sundae. Because I think a monkey...

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Chocolate Soft Serve Cupcakes

Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes // The Sugar Hit

  These little, dense chocolate cone cupcakes are the freaking cutest. But also really charming in a pop-art kind of way. A big part of me wants to blow up and frame every single one of these pictures.   But then I’m worried about what I might be driven to do, if I had to live in that space. Like, bake cupcakes every single day, and possibly buy a...

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No Bake S’mores Chocolate Crackle Cake

S'mores Chocolate Crackle Cake // The Sugar Hit

  Would you take a look at this beauty? This gorgeous bohemoth is the no-bake cake of oven-less cook’s DREAMZ!   It’s a gooey, sticky, crunchy chocolate crackle base (kind of like a rice crispy, but not), topped with a cumulonimbus cloud of marshmallow frosting piled on top. Scorch that sucker? And you’ve got yourself a No Bake...

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Mail Time! (Cookbook First Cover Reveal)

Sarah Coates - The Sugar Hit Cookbook

  We interrupt this blog post to bring you some breaking news….I got mail.     As you can see, Gimli the dog is super into it, and I definitely did my hair that day.     Using my extremely competent hand-eye coordination skills, I set about opening this package in a normal fashion.     But quickly failed, and turned to...

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Frozen Nutella Cheesecake Pretzel Ice Cream Pie

Frozen Nutella Cheesecake Pretzel Ice Cream Pie // The Sugar Hit

  Sometimes it’s fun to abandon all recipe-naming restraint. Just put all of the possible words that you can into the title. This time it was six. Count ’em: frozen, nutella, cheesecake, ice cream, pie.   Yes I count ice cream and one word. You ought to know that much about me by now. And if you didn’t already know that, then you might be...

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That Time I Wrote a Cookbook – Part 1

That Time I Wrote a Cookbook // The Sugar Hit

  OH HEYYY! You probably already know that THE SUGAR HIT cookbook is coming out this year in September. In fact, you can pre-order it! (Amazon – Book Depository – Booktopia – Dymocks – Barnes and Noble) And I will love you forever if you do!   So, because I’m always so fascinated by other people’s stories of how their...

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