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Raspberry Jam Rugelach // Cookie Week!

Cookie Week! // The Sugar Hit
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Maple Shortbread // Cookie Week!

Cookie Week! // The Sugar Hit

  Day #2 of Cookie Week! And today I’m bringing you a deceptively simple recipe for Maple Shortbread. This is a five ingredient recipe, no heavy equipment required, and not even any scooping, chilling or cutting of dough.   The whole thing is simply patted into a baking dish, and then sliced into little rectangles while it’s still...

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Double Chocolate, Walnut & Ginger Biscotti // COOKIE WEEK!

Cookie Week! // The Sugar Hit

  Welcome to Cookie Week! A celebration of all things sweet, crumbly, chewy and perfectly portioned. I’ll be sharing a new cookie recipe every day this week with an epic cookie round up on Friday. I’m also over on Pinterest pinning ALL the holiday cookie goodness, so go on over and check it out!     I’m also running a cookie...

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Saint Lucia Challah

Saint Lucia Challah // The Sugar Hit

  My favourite thing to do at this time of year is EAT – but more specifically, to graze. You know, it’s a snacky time of year and I’m a snacky kind of gal. Actually that’s not true, most of the time I’m not really a snacker, but come the twinkling lights and Christmas trees, I guess I let myself off the hook.   This...

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Santa’s Reindeer Cakes

Santa's Reindeer Cakes! Tender little spiced carrot muffins, the perfect treat to make for Santa's Reindeer // The Sugar Hit

  Santa’s reindeer work incredibly hard. Really, it can’t be easy leading a sleigh through freezing cold, AND stinking hot weather all in one night. Through rain or shine or hail, sleet or snow. They have to slow down time and be incredibly efficient, friendly to children and full of holiday cheer.   Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen,...

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Aebleskiver with Vanilla & Jam

Aebleskiver with Vanilla and Jam // The Sugar Hit!

  Have you ever wondered what a pancake, crossed with a cloud, crossed with a doughnut, crossed with a dream, would taste like?   My very specific friend, this is your lucky day. Because that is EXACTLY what an aebleskiver tastes like.     Now, before you get too excited, I have to break the bad news to you. You will need a...

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Thick Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate // The Sugar Hit

  Get your hands ready, because you are going to want to wrap them around a cup of this gloriousness, post haste! Get out a pair of matching flannel pyjamas, or a onesie. Turn on the heating, or if you’re with me in Australia, the air conditioner.   Set out a platter of cookies (and get psyched for COOKIE WEEK…coming soon!), and...

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 One more #sugarhitcookieweek shout out and I'm off to sleep! These Vanilla Bean Spritz cookies by @thefoodieteen are just the kind of intricate, traditional cookie that I want to dunk in my hot chocolate. And dig that Xmas twinkle in the background, I love it! ✨✨ Alessandra has the SKILLZ! Definitely worth a follow!  More #sugarhitcookieweek love - this time to @alanadimou because she is not just an incredible photographer (seriously check out her feed) she also cracks me up. man! So much sass. And who doesn't need a mo' cookie erry now and then?!
 SHOUT OUT!!! To @smallbatchau because she's a champ and look at these little reindeer cookies! This is one of those times when something is so cute you want to eat it AND YOU CAN! #sugarhitcookieweek  These tender, rich little pastry curls are my Raspberry Jam Rugelach! The third recipe for #sugarhitcookieweek and totally easy to make. I love how Dr Seuss-y they look!