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Peanut Brittle Blondie Pie

Peanut Brittle Blondie Pie // The Sugar Hit
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Mulberry Meringue Mess

Mulberry Meringue Mess // The Sugar Hit

  Mulberry Meringue Mess! Or mmm, as I call it, due to alliteration and deliciousness. I freaking love mulberries, so much so that I planted a mulberry tree in my backyard. Best.decision.ever.   If you are without your own personal mulberry crop, the best thing to sub with would be a mixture of raspberries and blueberries, I think. But really, any...

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Brownie Cake with Rose Persian Fairy Floss + Strawberries

Brownie Cake with Persian Fairy Floss // The Sugar Hit

  FUN! This gooey brownie, topped with rose-scented fairy floss and strawberries is all about the fun. It’s fun to make, fun to look at, so fun to eat.   I’m completely smitten with it, and what’s more it really couldn’t be easier to do. And yet who, I ask, could ever be disappointed by this confection? The gooey-edged...

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Kinda Healthy, Very Inexpensive Loaded Veggie Nachos!

Loaded Veggie Nachos // The Sugar Hit

  Nachos are such good time food, aren’t they? Nobody ever makes sadness nachos or angst nachos. And if they do then that is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. They should switch to a more sadness-appropriate food, like mashed potatoes.   Nachos are what you make when you finally have four controllers for your Nintendo, and can therefore...

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Quick Belgian Waffles!

Quick Belgian Waffles // The Sugar Hit

  WAFFLES! One of my favourite foods of all time. Probably because I was denied them for so long (there is a serious waffle iron shortage in Australia, imho), I am now very passionate about waffles.   And it’s my strong feeling at this time, that the Belgian Waffle, with it’s gooey pockets of caramelised sugar, and it’s buttery,...

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Salted Caramel Bourbon Apple Pie

Salted Caramel Bourbon Apple Pie // The Sugar Hit

  Pie is a project. That ain’t no word of a lie. But this cowboy of a pie is worth it. I’ll be honest, I personally think all pie is worth it.   This pie is next level though. Tart, tangy granny smith apples, offset with subtle, smoky caramel and wrapped in a buttery, flaky pie crust, tuned up with a hit of salt. This is the pie you...

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Spiked Donut French Toast with Roasted Plums

Spiked Donut French Toast with Roasted Plums // The Sugar Hit

  For those days when your breakfast needs a little shot of dutch courage…I give you my Spiked Donut French Toast! It’s custardy, it’s crisp-edged, it’s coated in spiced sugar, and it’s spiked with a little bit o’ rum.   And those sweet-sour plums on the side, roasted in a little sugar and vanilla, add the...

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