Blueberry Pie // The Sugar Hit

Two Little Blueberry Pies


  Blueberry Pie is what I imagine every cartoon pie cooling on a windowsill to taste like. It’s the exact right combination of pure, sweet berry flavour, and buttery, flaky crust that my childhood imagination conjured up and salivated over….

Apple and Blackberry Pie! | The Sugar Hit

Apple & Blackberry Pie!


  Happy Fourth of July, everybody! I like that the title of this particular American holiday is applicable whether you’re celebrating Independence Day in the States, or whether you’re just glad to be alive and on Earth on this beautiful…

Bakewell Tart


Let’s all learn a lesson, shall we? Here is why it is a terrible idea to bake a tart in the middle of the Australian summer… It’s too hot! Now, I know that that seems a defeatist attitude, but it…