Sunday Supplements

Raspberry Vanilla Bean Float // The Sugar Hit

Working 9 to 5


  What a way to make a living! Boy, Dolly Parton was right. And I know, because I used to work 9 to 5. But lucky for me, that’s not my life anymore. It’s more like working literally every hour…

10 Awesome French Food Books | The Sugar Hit

10 Awesome French Food Books…


  Ripailles – Stephane Reynaud This book, this book, this book. This was one of the first, big, expensive cookbook purchases I ever made, and it was so worth it. Ripailles is French for ‘Feasts’ and what the title promises,…

Sunday Supplements: Drinks Edition | The Sugar Hit

Sunday Supplements: Drinks Edition


  Ola mi amigos!   Today’s roundup is all about DRANKS. Because after this week, I just feel like I need one. I’m not necessarily going to hit the hard stuff. Unless you count a gingerbread latte as the hard…

Sunday Supplements Japan Edition |

Sunday Supplements: Japan Edition


  Japan. Nihon. The Land of the Rising Sun.   Reader, I have been bitten by the travel bug. Bitten hard. In the past month or so, more documentaries, literature, movies and just plain coincidences have been pointing me in…