Eggnog Peach Cobbler Cake | TheSugarHit.com

Eggnog Peach Cobbler Cake


    Hear that? That distant sound of jangling reindeer bells?   Christmas is coming! It’s that time of year when we all light fires, wear sweaters, drink eggnogg and mulled cider, and sing Christmas carols around the fire… Except…

Sunday Supplements: Belgium Edition / TheSugarHit.com

Sunday Supplements: Belgium Edition


  This week’s Sunday Supplement is all about Belgium!   That wonderful country that separates France and The Netherlands, and borders Germany to the East. This country has definitely always punched above it’s weight in terms of contributions to the…

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Sunday Supplements: BIRTHDAY EDITION


  Hello lovely sweet readers!   Welcome to the Birthday Edition of the Sunday Supplements (woopwoop). This week we are shining a light on what every person should be experiencing during their special week. There should be loved ones, presents,…

Birthday Black Forest Cake | TheSugarHit.com

Birthday Black Forest Cake


  This is the first year since I’ve been blogging for serious, and this is the first year I’ve photographed my yearly ritual of creating a fun cake, just for me. I know, so many people reckon it’s sad to…

Blackberry Roly Poly Pudding Recipe // TheSugarHit.com

Blackberry Roly Poly Pudding + Cheat’s Custard


  Oooooohhhhhh. That’s the sound I make whenever anyone talks about good old British puddings. It’s coupled with this weird squinty eyes/pursed lips/hand rubbing gesture. It doesn’t sound attractive, but when you see it…actually, you know what? It might be…

Epic Lamb Buns Recipe - TheSugarHit.com

Epic Lamb Buns


  OH HAI! You might have noticed something…no, it’s not a haircut…no, I’ve always worn glasses… IT”S A NEW SITE DESIGN!!!!   STREAMERS!!! BALLOONS!! PARTY-TIME!! EXCELLENT!!   Oops, that’s Wayne’s World. Actually, YEAH THAT’S WAYNE’S WORLD. Wayne’s World is awesome….

Marmalade Yoghurt Cake - The Sugar Hit

Marmalade Yoghurt Cake


This is my day-glo tribute to the baking of Italy. Isn’t it funny how many of us walk around with a deep and romantic love for Italy in our hearts? Even, maybe even especially, those of us who have never…

Gingersnap Molten Chocolate Pots - The Sugar Hit

Gingersnap Molten Chocolate Pots


Ohhhhh, check out that ooze shot. That’s nice. Real nice. This little number is my new twist on that old favourite, the chocolate fondant. But this is both much lazier, and a little slinkier. Instead of whisking a lot of…

Rhubarb Ginger and Yoghurt Fool

Rhubarb Ginger & Yoghurt Fool


This is a punchy dessert. It’s exactly like the lady that I want to be when I grow up. At first it seems quite demure. Faintly coquettish and sweet. You might think it’s even a little shy. But then, the…