Sunday Supplements: BIRTHDAY EDITION

Jenis Splendid Ice Creams -


Hello lovely sweet readers!


Welcome to the Birthday Edition of the Sunday Supplements (woopwoop). This week we are shining a light on what every person should be experiencing during their special week. There should be loved ones, presents, dinners, breakfast, hugs, kisses and love. Those are the base elements of a perfectly cooked b’day celebration. And then there needs to be a sprinkling of that special, tingling excitement that only a birthday can bring. The feeling of antici…pation, excitement, specialness and fun shaken up in a cocktail with a little cake flavoured vodka, amirite?


Birthdays should make you wanna say YAAAAAAAY. And damn it all, mine did this year!


Jenis Splendid Ice Creams -


Ice cream is obviously an essential ingredient for any birthday. This book – Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home – is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to cook. This book has single-handedly revolutionised home ice cream making, so if you or someone you know does not have a copy you need to get yourself one SAHN! Best, simplest and most consistently awesome ice cream recipes around, plus it’s full of crazy flavours that work.


Who would have thought that peanut, coconut and cayenne pepper would be a good ice cream combo? Jeni that’s who. And if your birthday pal doesn’t cook, then buy this book anyway and make them something out of it! The Ohito Sundae in the picture above draws my eye every time I open this book. Boozy sauce, squeeze of lime, creamy ice cream and whipped cream? Yeah baby.


Collared Dresses // The Sugar Hit


You know what else every girl needs on her birthday? A new dress. Sorry if you are a dude, but you know, I can only go from personal experience, and come birthday time? Erry girl needs a dress! Right now I am digging on collared dresses. They are super flattering for basically everyone. They are stylish. They are perfect for early spring or fall, or even winter with some tights and boots. They are sexy in a 60s way, and they are great if you need something to wear all day and through to night time. Some sandals during the day – totally casual. Some heels at night – totally fancy. Any of these three beauties would do me just fine.



You say birthday, I think party. I think party, and this is the movie that springs to mind. Now, as comedies go? It’s not entirely my cup of tea, and a lot of what was considered humorous back then, is actually just a bit offensive now. But, if you can look past that, then you will see the most amazing piece of 1960s architecture, design, and styling that you will come across in a long time. The sets that they must have built for this house would have been amazing, and the clothes and makeup always blow my mind. If you can’t get inspired by this, you’re crazy!


“There’s gotta be a time, there’s gotta be a cutoff point where you can’t have birthday parties. You’re so desperate for a party that you have to have a party two weeks after? Wait till next year, you missed it!”


I love Larry David, but I have to disagree with this quote from Curb Your Enthusiasm… Birthdays can last forever! These 21 other pieces of stellar Larry-isms are pure gold though. Thought catalog, I love you.


Gorgeous Birthday Ladies / The Sugar Hit




And finally, here are three gorgeous ladies blowing out their birthday candles. Whenever your birthday is, I hope it’s as glamorous and fun-filled as theirs would have been! I also wish you a three tiered cheesecake birthday cake (like Marilyn’s on the right), because that is awesome.


But if you can’t have a three layered cheesecake, may I suggest…


Until next week!


xx Sarah.



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