Pain au Raisin | The Sugar Hit

Pain au Raisin


  If those swirly, buttery, flaky, custardy, fruit filled spirals of deliciousness don’t convince you to make this, then I don’t know what will. Oh wait, the only other thing I can think of is if you don’t have a…

Hot Cross Donuts | The Sugar Hit

Hot Cross Donuts


  I did it! I finally did it! I couldn’t stand letting another year go by without finding out what would happen if you deep fried a hot cross bun.   You know, I’m really kicking myself for waiting this…

Turkish Lamb Pizza | The Sugar Hit

Turkish Lamb Pizza


  Do you ever watch a TV show or see a movie or read a book, and something they eat just sounds so delicious that you have to have it?   You may not be surprised to hear that this happens…

Chocolate Blackberry Pudding | The Sugar Hit

Chocolate Blackberry Pudding


  Every time I look at these photos, I have to go and eat some of this pudding. I can’t help myself.   It’s my spirit-pudding. I really didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. Blackberry and…

Lifesaving Kitchen Tips | The Sugar Hit

Life Saving Kitchen Tips


  Whats up! It’s a long weekend here in Australia, due to Australia day (see this cake to celebrate).   But, I get that not everyone has the day off today, and that a lot of you are probably sitting…

Bear Claws! | The Sugar Hit

Bear Claws!


  Aaaaaaand we’ve officially reached the part of December where I snap.   Because ALL I WANT right now is a cold snap. ALL I WANT is a dusting of snow on the ground. ALL I WANT is to wear…

Butterscotch and Apricot Crepe Bake | The Sugar Hit

Butterscotch & Apricot Crepe Bake


  Crepes for a crowd! Pancakes for a posse! Blintzes for all you mensches!   That’s right ya’ll, it’s brunch time! And this is my gift to you; the lazy girl’s guide to serving crepes in quantity.     Because,…

Blog Talk/Real Talk with Megan DeKok | The Sugar Hit

Blog Talk / Real Talk with Megan DeKok


Hey Everyone!   Welcome to the second edition of Blog Talk/Real Talk! Today’s guest is Megan DeKok of the awesome blog Take a Megabite. If you love pink, quirky design and the best dang ice-cream recipes this side of the…