Something Remarkable // The Sugar Hit

Something Remarkable!


  I’ve got some news! Good news. Exciting news for me. A cool step forward in my life, and my career, which is this, The Sugar Hit. You’re reading it, it’s my job and I absolutely love it. If you’ve…

No Bake Milo Ice Cream Pie -- THE SUGAR HIT!



  Oh hey, in case you didn’t know I’m running with an Australian theme this week. It’s Australia Day next Tuesday (also my sister’s birthday, hi Jules!) and I thought I would share a few of the recipes that taste…

Pine Lime Splice Pops! // The Sugar Hit

Pine Lime Splice Popsicles!


Pine Lime Splice Popsicles! The great Australian pool-side treat, in a super easy, flipping delicous, homemade rendition. Get amongst it.   Summer in Brisbane city always has been and always will be a hot, sticky affair. Luckily my childhood home…

Elderlflower Peach & Raspberry Jellies // The Sugar Hit

Elderflower Peach & Raspberry Jellies


  Have you everrrr tasted elderflower before? Until very recently I had NOT. Once I did, the idea for these Elderflower Peach & Raspberry Jellies beamed straight into me head and I had to make them.   I’d read about…

Merry Christmas Baby!


  It’s Christmas! Go eat a whole Turkey, or all the peppermint chocolates out of the communal box! It’s the one day of the year where no rules apply! I hope you had an absolutely killer year.   Thank you…

Lemon & Rosemary Roast Turkey Breast // The Sugar Hit



  You know what the cool things is about cooking? It’s a super easy way to impress people and make them happy. Because all people want is for the food to taste good. No one ever comes to your house,…

Pumpkin Everything Bagels // The Sugar Hit

Pumpkin Everything Bagels!


  It’s a PUMPKIN PARTAYYYYY. I’m posting these Pumpkin Everything Bagels as part of a HUGE pumpkin celebration with a bunch of other bloggers – scroll down for all their links! And honestly? I’m the most low key person ever,…

The Sugar Hit Book Giveaway!

The Sugar Hit Book Giveaway!


  That’s right! I’ve got FIVE count ’em FIVE signed copies of The Sugar Hit to give away! Why? Because I just turned 25! And because I just cracked 25k followers on Instagram! And because it’s fun!   So all…

Homemade Toaster Pastries from Homemade Memories // The Sugar Hit

Homemade Pop Tarts from Homemade Memories


  Bloggers write great cookbooks. And I’m not just saying that because I’m INCREDIBLY BIASED. I’m saying that because I genuinely believe it. And I think I know why…it’s because food bloggers are the ULTIMATE cookbook fans.   We love…

Sarah Coates The Sugar Hit

Yahoo Food Blogger of the Week!


  Guess who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French and is the Yahoo Food Blogger of the week? This moi! *gestures at self with thumbs* I had a great time skypin’ it with editor Rachel Tepper in New York City…