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You guys, Pinterest.


In my opinion Pinterest is just about the greatest thing to happen for creative, visual people in the last five years. There is no better medium for collating and curating the things that inspire you on a daily basis than Pinterest. There are only two problems with it.


1) It’s a bummer when people steal photos and use them to drive traffic to their website.


How do we combat this? Simple. Always pin directly from the source.


2) There’s a lot of noise. A lot of not-so-inspiring content. A lot of pins about being fit that I just do not want to see.


How do we solve that? EASY! Fill your feed up with boards and people that are inspiring, aspirational and  who make you feel good! Here are five baking boards which I LOVE that you should totally follow…


Kylie is a total inspiration to me. Style, awesome taste, and DAMN has she got an eye for baked goods…



You know there’s always that one person who knows where to get the best cupcake/donut/eclair/whatever in town? Cindy is that person, but on Pinterest.



Megan will bring the beautiful to your feed. Bright pops of colour, graphic styling and design, and just plain deliciousness to be found here.



It’s fair to say that Izy has an eye for styling. Like, THE EYE for styling. If you need some inspiration on how to bake something serenely, incredibly beautiful, follow this lady.



For all the ridiculous, incredible, adorable cakes, baking and styling that you need in your life, please follow Miss Molly Yeh. You will not be disappointed, friends.



SHAMELESS PLUG! You can follow me too! I bring the pins, you guys. I bring them hard.



Is there anyone else out there who you think is awesome on Pinterest? Hit me up with your reccomendations!


xx Sarah.



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