When Food and Fashion Collide…

Happy Monday lovely people! As you know (because I complained about it last week) I had a CRAZY busy week Friday, so I spent the whole weekend pinning things, eating waffles, and just generally mooching around the house. As a result of that mooching, I don’t have a recipe to share with you today.


So instead I thought I’d share these awesome instances of Fashion and Food colliding! I’m kind of in love with food-related apparel. If you know of any other examples slam them in the comments, because I’m legit obsessed.


Food x Fashion // The Sugar Hit


1. Weekends Are For Waffles – this is at the very top of my ‘useless purchases’ list. You know that list of things that you want, but you really don’t have a good enough reason to splash cash on? I’m just waiting for that reckless spending feeling to come over me…then this sweater is mine.


2. Fries Over Guys – this is a timeless adage. Plus, any shirt that mentions fries is fine by me. AND this one is super affordable!


Food x Fashion // The Sugar Hit

3. Netflix Nachos and NapsAside from the fact that this combination sounds like my ideal Friday night, I am a pretty huge fan of alliteration, so this one is a double winner for me. Also, it seems that I have a thing for plain jumpers?


4. Doughs Over Bros – If it seems like I’m being anti-men here, I’m totally not. I just really love doughnuts and fries. And sassy shirts!


`Food x Fashion // The Sugar Hit


5. I know that guacamole is extra – Did I mention that I love sassy shirts? Because the sass-level on this tee is through the roof. So much sass I can barely stand it. And also, if I ever open a restaurant, guac will be no extra charge. The restaurant is called UTOPIA.


6. Jeni’s Winter Sports Sweater – You must know by now that I’m a crazy fan of Jeni’s ice creams. The lady herself is an inspiration, the company is a model for every food business, the ice cream is incredible and the books are KILLER! And now they’re making sweaters too. Plus, I love the promo video they made. Hilarious.


So this is my Food x Fashion wish list. What’s on yours?


xx Sarah.

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