The Sugar Hit Book!

The Sugar Hit Book!


Happy Friday! In case I haven’t talked your ear off about it enough already, The Sugar Hit! book, MY BOOK, comes out in stores in Australia this Monday! And it’s officially out in the USA as of the 8th of September, and it’ll be coming to a store near you in the UK in October! It’s so exciting, I’m definitely going to get a celebratory donut or five. If you haven’t already you can order a copy from one of these guys, AmazonBook DepositoryBooktopiaDymocksBarnes and Noble or any other bookseller in your area.


I know I’ve talked a lot about how the book came to be, and what making it was like, but I realised that I haven’t really introduced you to the book itself! Well that’s what I’m here to remedy today. Meet, my cookbook.


The Sugar Hit Book!


The first chapter? Breakfast and Brunch! Hardly original to start a book with a breakfast chapter, I know, but wait till you hear what’s IN that breakfast chapter! Skillet Cornbread with Burnt Honey Butter! Sweet Potato Waffles with Rosemary Maple Syrup (and bacon)! Blueberry & Almond Morning Buns!


Does my excessive use of exclamation points illustrate my excitement about this chapter? Because it should!!!


The Sugar Hit Book!


Ahhhh, the coffee break chapter – time to mellow out. Just like a classic coffee break, this is full of low key recipes that make a snatched ten or twenty minutes here and there feel like the best part of the day.


In this part of the book, there is a lot of old-school baking, just the kind of thing you want next to your French Press or Earl Grey. Homemade Tim Tams, Maple-Pecan Bear Claws, Salted Caramel Chocolate Crackles and my INFAMOUS Garbage Brownies. So, so good.


The Sugar Hit Book!


Say WHAAAAAA?! Yeah, that’s right! The word ‘healthy’ actually appears in my book. Here’s the thing, though – I don’t eat desserts 7 days a week. That’s not a sustainable way to live. But I still want a treat everyday.


That’s where this chapter comes in, lots of healthier dessert options, plus a few vegan things, and a few gluten free things to offer your mates who have dietary restrictions – they need love too! So bring on the Cherry-Hazelnut Energy Bars, and Poached Pears with Coconut Chocolate Sauce and Peaches with Raspberry Granita.


The Sugar Hit Book!


This chapter is…devious. It’s dark, it’s dangerous, and it’s something only to be discussed late at night in a multi-story carpark wearing a trenchcoat. I think it’s also my favourite chapter…Midnight Snacks.


Those ridiculous, bonkers concoctions that can only exist in full darkness, when most of the world is asleep. Here you’ll find Filthy Cheat’s Jam Donuts, Molten Brownie Jaffles, and Pretzel Caramel Ice Cream Cones. It’s enough to make you set the alarm for 2am!


The Sugar Hit Book!


Get your glitter canon’s out, it’s Party Time! I’m talking major blow-out treats here. Giant cakes, HUGE pies, donuts, jelly, strudel and everything in between! These are the guys so bust out for that special birthday, that big achievement, that first place prize…or just because you can.


Epic Candy Bar Layer Cake, Rhubarb & Vanilla Bean Jelly, Chocolate Lime Cheesecake Layer Cake – just what your last shindig was missing.


The Sugar Hit Book!


And this babe, bringing up the rear, is the Happy Holidays chapter! I’m a total sucker for the Holidays, which you’ll know if you’ve been reading for that long (and if you have, hey, thank you, I love you) so I couldn’t resist throwing in my favourite festive kitchen jams. I’ve given you my Chocolate Tiramisu, my Marzipan Cherry and Pistachio Stollen, my Mince Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches and a bunch more.


All told in the book, there are about 75 recipes, each with it’s own colour photo, on glossy paper, in a hardback cover with lay-flat binding. There’s also a tiny piece of my soul. I hope you like it!


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