Chocolate Blackberry Pudding

Chocolate Blackberry Pudding | The Sugar Hit


Every time I look at these photos, I have to go and eat some of this pudding. I can’t help myself.


It’s my spirit-pudding. I really didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. Blackberry and chocolate is the most underrated combo of all time. True, chocolate goes well with all the berry family. But blackberries and chocolate are like dark little twins, mystically perfect for each other.


Chocolate Blackberry Pudding | The Sugar Hit


This pudding is like a giant molten chocolate cake. Chocolate fondant, if ya nasty. But in addition to being a barely contained river of hot chocolate, it’s also full of juicily bursting whole blackberries.


The little pockets of sour, almost wine-tasting, acidic blackberries are what MAKES this pudding. Not that there’s anything wrong with straight up chocolate – of course not – but the blackberries add that je ne sais quoi. And I love that je ne sais quoi.


Chocolate Blackberry Pudding | The Sugar Hit


What’s more, this whole thing takes one bowl and max five minutes to whip up. You melt chocolate and butter together, stir in the rest of the ingredients with a wooden spoon, and then lazily scrape it into a baking dish.


I say lazily, because I highly encourage you to ensure that there is plenty of batter left in the bowl. You don’t want to miss that.


Chocolate Blackberry Pudding | The Sugar Hit


From there the pudding gets 20 minutes in a hot oven, and then as soon as it hits the table, you and whoever you love (or just like) get to sit in silence together, marveling at the wonders of the universe. Because they are best exemplified here in this pudding.


I served this with cold scoops of sour cream, which was perfect alongside the intensity and richness of the chocolate. And to be honest, my boyfriend and I sat and ate this on the couch while watching The Magnificent Seven on a laptop. Happy Valentines to us! How was your Valentines/Anna Howard Shaw day?


xx Sarah.


Chocolate Blackberry Pudding | The Sugar Hit


Chocolate Blackberry Pudding
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Dark chocolate molten-centered pudding, studded with blackberries.
Serves: 6
  • 1½ sticks (150g) butter
  • 7 oz (150g) chocolate
  • 1 cup (225g) sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • ⅓ cup (50g) flour
  • 1 cup frozen blackberries
  1. Preheat the oven to 400F/200C.
  2. Grease a small, deep rectangular baking dish (mine is roughly 9 by 5 inches) or a 9 inch pie dish.
  3. In a microwave safe mixing bowl that is big enough to take all the ingredients later, melt the butter and chocolate in the microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring frequently.
  4. Once the chocolate and butter is melted, let it cool slightly and then stir in all the remaining ingredients.
  5. Scrape the mixture into your baking dish, and place in the oven for 20 minutes. The pudding should be set around the edges, with a distinct wobble in the middle.
  6. Let cool for a few minutes, before serving, preferably with a scoop of sour cream.


  • I think I need this pudding in my life. No actually, I KNOW I do, I totally trust you on the blackberry thing, but until they come into season here I’m gonna give this a whirl with raspberries. Love, or in this case, pudding, waits for no one. Happy Valentine’s!!

  • “And a happy Anna Howard Shaw Day to us all!”
    “Good God, Lemon!”

    Oh Sarah, I love you. And not just because we both made chocolate-blackberry desserts this week. Although our psychic connection is definitely a bonus. Hope you had a fantastic day! Mine involved Indian food and a 2-hour nap, so I can safely say this was the best V-Day ever.

    • Hey Wanda! It’s definitely plain flour, as for the chocolate I use any dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids. I hope you like it!


  • Oh, I tried this last night with 70% and 85% dark chocolate and mixed berries (all I could find), and it’s almost TOO good at a cold breakfast! I reduced the sugar a bit (because I forgot the chocolate was so unsweet, and used gluten-free flour, but it came out very nicely. It needed a kick of “something”, so I added a pinch of salt on top when I eat it, and next time I will incorporate it into the batter (I used unsalted butter, so that may be it!)
    It’s lovely, and now I need to give it away so I don’t consume it ALL in an unreasonable length of time :)

  • I just made this with blackberries we hand-picked from our local heath-land, and it was absolutely delicious. Great recipe, I’ll be sure to keep coming back to your blog.

    I’m hoping it warms back up well , as I want to share it with a friend tomorrow.

  • Hi Sarah! I loved this recipe and I want to try it for NYE but I don’t have frozen blueberries where I live. Can the pudding be done without the blackberries or will it’s consistency change completely if I don’t include them in the recipe? Thank you so much. Have a Happy New Year!!!

  • I made this last night and it was gorgeous! I made up a third of the recipe and cooked it in 2 big silicone muffin cases in the air fryer. I love the combination of blackberries and chocolate. Could I use less sugar though? Would it have a detrimental effect on the pudding?

    • This is awesome, I’m so glad you like the recipe Clara! I think you could definitely cut back on the sugar in this recipe, maybe starting with a quarter of the total amount. The pudding will obviously be less sweet, and maybe a little less chewy at the edges, but other than that, I think it will be fine.

      • I just thought I’d write and say that I made a third of the recipe the last time I made this. I divided this between 2 giant silicone cupcake cases and froze one. I’ve just had the one that was frozen and it was absolutely lovely! This is great for me as I’m the only one in the house that will eat these :-D

        • Beautiful! Thank you for leaving this handy tip Clara – I have no idea what’s up with your housemates that they’re not into gooey molten chocolate and blackberry pudding, though! More for us, I guess?!

  • Made this in the weekend-so quick and easy my father in law even gave it a thumbS up! Just straight choc as couldn’t find frozen Aussie blackberries. Next time will halve the sugar tho-too sweet for me! Hands down best choc pud I’ve made. Thank you Sarah! Ps. Any way of making this one into lava cakes? X

    • Hey Claire! I’m so glad you liked this! I’m not surprised you found it too sweet without those lovely tart blackberries in there! You could absolutely make this into individual cakes. Simply cut down on the sugar (I think you’ll run into texture issues if you halve it, but definitely cut down to 150g) and then divide the mix between 6 buttered ramekins, and bake for about 12 minutes! xx

      • Awesome, duly noted re sugar content! Will try with raspberries next time. Your book is on my Christmas list X

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