Apple and Blackberry Pie! | The Sugar Hit

Apple & Blackberry Pie!


  Happy Fourth of July, everybody! I like that the title of this particular American holiday is applicable whether you’re celebrating Independence Day in the States, or whether you’re just glad to be alive and on Earth on this beautiful…

Hotteok (Korean Pancake) Ice Cream Sandwiches | The Sugar Hit!

Hotteok Ice Cream Sandwiches!


  I feel like starting a new tradition: Street Food Mondays. Don’t hold me to it. I may totally change my mind. But if I was going to start Street Food Mondays, I feel like this is a fantastic recipe…

'That Candy Bar' know, the one with the chocolate, caramel and nuts? | The Sugar Hit

‘That Candy Bar’ Cupcakes


  Last week I asked if churros were over, and now I have to ask you, am I too late for cupcakes?   Cupcakes well and truly flooded the market there for a while. I really wouldn’t blame anyone for…