Sarah Coates, Sugar Hit

I’m Sarah Coates, and this is The Sugar Hit, my food blog. I created it because I freaking love food. What do I like about food? Well, it tastes good. Too obvious? Probably. But think about it. What can be relied upon to put a spring in your step, to brighten your day, to make you feel good as easily and cheaply as food? A juicy and perfect peach is a 2 minute experience of pure happiness. It’s hard for me not to roll my eyes whenever I hear anyone using the phrase high-on-life, but that’s the closest term I can think of to describe the experience. Every bite, the flavour, the texture, the gushing, sweet, juicy ripeness of it all, is a plain old great time.

The Sugar Hit! is my way of wanting to cram that joy into other people’s lives. Everyone has to eat, and if you’re lucky enough to have plenty of food, then dammit I want to see you relishing every mouthful. That’s where I come in. Because I am a loud mouth. I’ve got a lot of opinions, and pretty much all of them are about what you should eat. Taste is a full fifth of the ways in which we experience the world. That shit is important.

I come from a long line of women who cooked because they had to. Except for my Mum who used to (and still does, I think) flip flop between really enjoying it, and seeing it as boring drudgery. But then, she was a full time working mother, so can you blame her? My grandmothers both were extremely undomesticated, one who’s cooking struck fear in the hearts of many, and the other who had a few specialties (her Bakeo based apple pie is legendary) but also had a magnet on the fridge that said ‘my favourite thing to make for dinner is reservations’. Needless to say, I loved and admire them both.

So, since the idea of cooking as a duty was definitely never drummed into me (feminism for the win!)(no seriously I love feminism)(I am a feminist) I took to it just for fun, and out of a natural, and seemingly life-long love of eating.

One thing you won’t hear me talking about here on The Sugar Hit is any bullshit about moderation or diets and whatnot. It’s not that I don’t think it’s important – I absolutely do. Your health is incredibly important, and diet is a huge part of that, not to mention straight up vanity. It’s just that I think it’s so boring to talk about. There’s an entire internet of people out there who want to tell you whether you’re eating right or wrong, clean or dirty, whatever or whatever. This is a fun, safe space. We welcome salads, we welcome fries, we welcome donuts baked and fried, all we require is deliciousness and a bit of a laugh. If you’re into that then, hey, welcome! Now let’s eat something.