Choc-Chip Raspberry Skillet Cake | The Sugar Hit

Choc-Chip Raspberry Skillet Cookie


  If you love cookies, and you have never baked a skillet cookie, then prepare to have your mind BLOWN!   Because this skillet cookie is about the most humongous, gooey, chocolaty chunk of happiness that I have baked up…

Choc Mint Semifreddo /

Chocolate Mint Semifreddo


  I am a demon for choc mint ice cream.   It has always been my favourite flavour. Something about the call of that lurid green swathe of ice cream through the window at the ice cream parlour, scattered with…

Best Frozen Yoghurt Ever //

The BEST, EASIEST Frozen Yoghurt EVER


  It’s Friday!!! WOOHOOO!!!!   If you’re not totally psyched for life on a Friday, then man do I feel sorry for you! That must be a bummer, having no soul. Because on Friday…there’s just something in the air. Something…

Apple Charlotte Recipe //

Cinnamon Apple Charlotte


  OK, so thangs are about to get funky. Or Fünke, depending on whether you love Arrested Development. For no real reason, other than whenever someone says funky, I hear fünke in my head.   We should prolly talk about…

Maple and Blueberry Jelly Recipe - The Sugar Hit

Elegant Maple & Blueberry Jelly


  I really wasn’t aiming for elegant with these little jellies. I mean, Maple and Blueberry isn’t exactly what you’d call an ‘elegant’ combination is it? In actual fact, I was making these because I was totally inspired by these…

Star-topped Apple Pie Recipe - The Sugar Hit

Star-topped Apple Pie


SHOW STOPPER. That is the only way I can think to describe this epic, humongous, star spangled pie. You see, down here in Australia, when you say pie, people think you mean a meat pie. Beef of indiscriminate origin swimming…