Salted Brown Butter Pecan Blondies // The Sugar Hit

Salted Brown Butter Pecan Blondies


  I have had a crazy week you guys. I do a lot of recipe development and freelance work outside this super fun space, and I had A LOT of deadlines crashing into each other this week…seriously there were deadlines…

My Favourite Buttermilk Waffles // The Sugar Hit

My Favourite Buttermilk Waffles


  ‘Friends, Waffles, Work …or Waffles, Friends, Work, but either way, work comes last.’ – Leslie Knope   If there’s one topic on which Leslie Knope is my guru, it’s Waffles. From what I’ve observed, she appears to like them…

No Bake Key Lime Pie with Ritz Crust // The Sugar Hit

No Bake Key Lime Pie with Ritz Crust!


  First thang’s first – this pie is amazing. The crust is so far beyond delicious that a word hasn’t even been invented yet to describe how good it tastes. UH-MAZING. And the filling has three ingredients, stirs together in…

Swedish Mocha Cake // The Sugar Hit

Swedish Mocha Cake


    First thing’s first – the Valentine’s Day giveaway is over! Winners have each been contacted individually and thank you to everyone who entered.   And now, onto this sticky, chewy, chocolate-y mud pie of a cake. Because even…

Double Vanilla Jam Donuts // The Sugar Hit

Double Vanilla Jam Donuts!


  Guess what day tomorrow is, homies? FAT TUESDAY! AKA Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, Fasnacht, Mardi Gras and about a billion other names. Today, Fat Tuesday is celebrated in the Christian tradition as the last day before Lent, and therefore…

Swedish Midsommar Cake // The Sugar Hit

Midsommar Cake // International Eats


  Swedish Midsommar! Blue skies, flower crowns, white dresses, smorgasboards and strawberries! Doesn’t that sound gorgeous? Especially when those strawberries are part of this light, luscious cake!   It’s simple, and utterly perfect. Two light layers of a simple sponge…