Passionfruit Margarita Pie Parfaits // The Sugar Hit

Passionfruit Margarita Pie Parfaits

  MMMMMMargaritas! They’re boozy, they’re tangy, they’re salty, and they’re sometimes just what you need. But more specifically, what I often need is pie, but without having to actually make pie. Enter, this pie parfait. A Passionfruit Margarita Pie Parfait….

Japanese Dirty Tater Tots // The Sugar Hit

Japanese Dirty Tater Tots

  THIS WEEK HAS KICKED MY ASS. SO I’m gonna kick back and drink a bunch of beers and eat tots! Just kidding, I have to work all weekend, because this week is apparently not done kicking my ass. But…

21st Century ANZAC Biscuits

  Helplessness is not a feeling I associate with cooking very much. One of the things I love most about kitchen work is how eminently solvable most problems are. Short of slicing a finger, most kitchen conundrums are things that…

500th Post! // The Sugar Hit

500th Post!

  Can I tell you a secret real quick? The title of the post might have given it away a tiny lil’ bit, but this right here is my 500th post on The Sugar Hit! Can you believe that? Isn’t…

Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Ice Cream Pie! // The Sugar Hit

Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Ice Cream Pie

  Did you know that in Australia we call Rice Krispie treats Chocolate Crackles? They’re actually pretty different – we don’t add marshmallow to ours for one thing, and they’re made with a kind of coconut oil which is sold…