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Japanese Dirty Tater Tots // The Sugar Hit

Japanese Dirty Tater Tots


  THIS WEEK HAS KICKED MY ASS. SO I’m gonna kick back and drink a bunch of beers and eat tots! Just kidding, I have to work all weekend, because this week is apparently not done kicking my ass. But…

Passionfruit Cheesecake Malasadas // The Sugar Hit

Passionfruit Cheesecake Malasadas


  Let’s talk about textures. Specifically donut textures. That grit and slight crunch of the first layer. The sinking softness of the airy dough. The oozing of the filling. And that slight chew as you tear off your bite. I…

Dan Dan Noodles [Street Food Friday] // The Sugar Hit

Dan Dan Noodles [Street Food Friday]


Chinese food is a cuisine, like Indian food, or South American food, is something about which I know barely anything. I mean, statistically, purely based on the geographical distance separating all the poeples of these places, there must be a…

Vada Pav - classic Indian Street Food. Spiced potatoe patties with coriander chutney // The Sugar Hit

Vada Pav [Street Food Friday!]


  Crunchy, spiced potato patties, coated in a chickpea batter and fried. Crunchy, soft, spiced, punchy and comforting all at once, tucked into a white bread roll and topped with spiky coriander chutney and a scattering of chilli powder. The…

Kartoffelpuffer // The Sugar Hit

Kartoffelpuffer [Street Food Friday]


  Friday should surely be officially designated fried potatoes day. What possible day of the week could be better on which to eat a crisp, salted, ever-so-slightly greasy fried potato? And on the streets of Germany, at their food markets,…

Tlayudas! // The Sugar Hit

Tlayudas! [street food Friday]


  Oaxaca, Mexico: it’s closer to Guatemala than it is to the USA. It borders Puebla, Veracruz and Geurrero. And it’s home of Tlayudas, your new favourite thing. Imagine a tortilla, crispy on one side, doughy on the other, topped…

Poffertjes - Street Food Fridays! // The Sugar Hit

Poffertjes! [street food Friday]


  Poffertjes! From the land of canals, beautiful architecture, the tallest people in the world, windmills, and wooden clogs: The Netherlands.   These little chubby, puffy pancakes are somewhat ubiquitous at Markets and even some cafes here in Australia. It…