In defense of Milk Chocolate // The Sugar Hit

In defence of Milk Chocolate

  Talk about unfairly discriminated against foods. No member of the culinary family, particularly in the baking world, cops as much excoriation as Milk Chocolate. Humble Milk Chocolate! The beloved friend to all of us, whilst we were under 12….

Maple Macadamia Blondies // The Sugar Hit

Maple Macadamia Blondies

Imagine a giant, thick, chewy chocolate chip cookie, studded with macadamia nuts and scented with smoky-sweet maple syrup. Then cut that cookie into squares, some with a crispy edge, others all goo, and whatever you’re imagining? That is what you…

The Sugar Hit // Super Quick Raspberry Ice Cream

Super Quick Raspberry Ice Cream

Simple, luscious, Super Quick Raspberry Ice Cream, made with only 5 ingredients, and no special equipment. This perfectly pink, sweet and tart ice cream is bursting with raspberry flavour – perfect for any time of the year, any day of…

Apple Brown Butter & Vanilla Loaf Cake // The Sugar Hit

Apple Brown Butter & Vanilla Loaf Cake

  Oh heyyyy, it’s your childhood calling. Actually, is it your childhood? Or is it some kind of idealised memory of childhood that only I have from reading too many old school British children’s books? Either way it’s calling. You…

Bondi Beach Guide // The Sugar Hit

The Sugar Hit Guide: Bondi Beach

  Bondi Beach! One of the most visited tourist spots in Australia. If you go in Summer, you better love crowds. There is also a small chance that Hugh Jackman will save you from a rip. Otherwise it’s just a…

Overnight Oats! #FoodRevolution / The Sugar Hit

Overnight Oats! #FoodRevolution

  Overnight Oats! My breakfast obsession. But before I ate my oats, I had to eat my words. Because I may be or may not be in print railing against the naming rights of this soaked-oat breakfast. I make some…

Little Lemon Almond Honey Ricotta Cakes // The Sugar Hit

Little Lemon Almond Honey Cakes

  I mean, are these cakes cute or what? Dense, buttery little lemon-almond cakes, topped with thick whipped ricotta, and a drizzle of light, floral honey. They’re kind of perfect, whether you’re here in the southern hemisphere (citrus is just…

Luxury Maple Sourdough French Toast // The Sugar Hit

Luxury Maple Sourdough French Toast

  It’s Monday and I’m going to tell you about what you should have made for your ma yesterday, if you didn’t make her any Chipotle Pulled Pork Tacos. It’s this. Luxury Maple Sourdough French Toast. The very best sourdough…