500th Post!

500th Post! // The Sugar Hit


Can I tell you a secret real quick? The title of the post might have given it away a tiny lil’ bit, but this right here is my 500th post on The Sugar Hit! Can you believe that? Isn’t that insane? Five-flipping-hundred. Five hunnerd. The full five hundo. Unbelievable.


I’ve had so much fun. I wrote a book. I’ve made some irreplaceable friends. This blog has changed my entire life. I make a living doing this now, which makes me incredibly lucky and officially doing my dream job. I’ve learned a lot about business, about food, about writing, about photography, about myself, about life. I’m reminded every day how much I still have to learn!
I just wanted to say thank you, to everyone and anyone who visits this blog, but especially you if you are a long term reader. Your continued visits here mean the absolute world to me, and I hope you that you get a little joy or happiness from reading, or baking or eating something I’ve created. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for clicking. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for baking and sharing. You’re the coolest, and you look like a babe today.
And now, because I can’t think of anything that’s not a cliché to end this on: here’s to another 500!

*pops bottles**shoots glitter canon*


xx Sarah.

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