Vegan Coconut Pancakes! // The Sugar Hit

Vegan Coconut Pancakes


  The internet makes it essential that we slap labels on things, doesn’t it? Take these pancakes – I don’t make them because they’re vegan. I make them because they’re these light, crispy-edged, vaguely tropical pancakes that make me happy….

Easy Smoothie Recipes // The Sugar Hit

Mango Monster Smoothie


  This smoothie is BRINGING the mango and coconut in such a delicious and awesome way. And I speak as someone who until recently was so traumatised by childhood experience that she couldn’t even look at a mango. You see…

Swedish Dream Cake // The Sugar Hit

Swedish Dream Cake


  Sweden! Hands up if you’re as obsessed with Scandinavia as I am? Anyone? In Scandi countries, they have this thing called a ‘cake table’. And it is basically the afternoon tea of my dreams.   You invite all your…