Bondi Beach Guide // The Sugar Hit

The Sugar Hit Guide: Bondi Beach


  Bondi Beach! One of the most visited tourist spots in Australia. If you go in Summer, you better love crowds. There is also a small chance that Hugh Jackman will save you from a rip. Otherwise it’s just a…

Bear Claws! | The Sugar Hit

Bear Claws!


  Aaaaaaand we’ve officially reached the part of December where I snap.   Because ALL I WANT right now is a cold snap. ALL I WANT is a dusting of snow on the ground. ALL I WANT is to wear…

Sunday Supplements Bundaberg Edition /

Sunday Supplements: BUNDABERG Edition!


  That right there is the infamous red dirt of rural Australia. Isn’t it gorgeous?   That’s right folks, it’s the Bundaberg edition of the Sunday Supplement! For my international readers, Bundaberg is a city about 5 hours drive North…

Flour and Chocolate Bakery Review

The Perfect Morning – Flour & Chocolate


I have had a pretty hectic past few weeks, which I won’t bore you with the details of, short of saying “GAH CHANGES!” In the meantime, I will  tell you about the break that my wonderful man-friend insists we take…

Happy Little Dumplings - James Street

Happy Little Dumplings – A Review


There are some cultural hot-spots in our fair city and some equally funky places to eat. Sometimes the two collide, and a nifty little eatery opens up somewhere equally nifty. Enter; Happy Little Dumplings. The James St Happy Little Dumplings…