Cherry Bakewell Cookies | The Sugar Hit

Cherry Bakewell Cookies


  Are you familiar with the Bakewell, you beautiful genius? It’s a tart. A British tart, to be precise. And it’s hell-delicious. Think crumbly shortcrust pastry, a layer of jammy-fruit, and then a thick, almond-y, cake-y filling. A dollop of…

Blueberry Pancake Granola | The Sugar Hit!

Blueberry Pancake Granola


  So it turns out I CANNOT STOP making dessert-flavoured granolas. It started with Sticky Date, and then progressed to Apple Pie, and now I’ve arrived at Blueberry Pancake.   Though now I come to think of it, Blueberry Pancakes…

Hotteok (Korean Pancake) Ice Cream Sandwiches | The Sugar Hit!

Hotteok Ice Cream Sandwiches!


  I feel like starting a new tradition: Street Food Mondays. Don’t hold me to it. I may totally change my mind. But if I was going to start Street Food Mondays, I feel like this is a fantastic recipe…

Flaky, buttery and simple Cherry & Almond Morning Buns | The Sugar Hit

Cherry & Almond Morning Buns


  HOLY CRAP. It’s Friday! Where did the week go, everyone? Where?   I’m not complaining, lord knows I love a Friday, but sometimes it’s like ‘hey, time, slow down a little will ya?’. It’s times like these that we…

'That Candy Bar' know, the one with the chocolate, caramel and nuts? | The Sugar Hit

‘That Candy Bar’ Cupcakes


  Last week I asked if churros were over, and now I have to ask you, am I too late for cupcakes?   Cupcakes well and truly flooded the market there for a while. I really wouldn’t blame anyone for…

Sweet Potato Sticky Buns | The Sugar Hit

Sweet Potato Sticky Buns


  These sticky buns are the business.   And you know that when I say that, I do not lie.     The not-secret, but totally magical ingredient is sweet potato. This was a hard-sell for me, because the gentleman…