Raspberry Kouign Amann | The Sugar Hit

Raspberry Kouign Amann


  I cannot express to you how quickly you should stop whatever it is you’re doing and go and make these right now.   It’s very quickly. Like immediately. Because these are, dare I say, the best thing I’ve ever…

Almond and Dried Fruit Cinnamon Buns | The Sugar Hit

Almond & Dried Fruit Cinnamon Buns


  What’s up, Christmas morning??   Please meet my latest addition to the little traditions that my man-friend and I are building up. So far we have one for valentines day (do nothing), one for birthdays (fancy french restaurants), and…

Steeped Fruits | The Sugar Hit

Steeped Fruits!


  Let me tell you about my go-to, never fail, Holiday-time friend in the fridge.   You keep a jar of this on hand, and you’ve got all scenarios covered. Sudden, desperate dessert craving? COVERED. Guests for breakfast, need to…

Salted Caramel and Coconut Brownies | The Sugar Hit

Salted Caramel & Coconut Brownie


  Do you remember that time that I crossed a brownie with a coconut macaroon and some salted caramel?   And it was like a new kind of candy bar had been invented?   One that would bring tidings of…

Damp Lemon and Almond Cake | The Sugar Hit

Damp Lemon & Almond Cake


  This is THE cake for all seasons.   There is never a bad time to make this cake. Cold? Well, this cake is bright with lemon (a winter fruit, did you know?) so it will bring a little warmth…

Honey and Ginger Pfeffernusse | The Sugar Hit

Honey & Ginger Pfeffernusse


  PFEFFERNüSSE!!!!   …is easily one of my favourite all times words to say. It’s the funnest! The P is silent, and ü makes a nice ooo sound. It’s a real pleasure, trust me. Put on your best German accent…

Danish Butter Cookies |

Danish Butter Cookies


  It’s the 25th of November.   You know what that means, right?   ONE MONTH TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!! *GLITTER CANNON*     It also means that we have officially entered the season of good will and cheer. If you’re in…

Salted Nutella Macarons | The Sugar Hit

Salted Nutella Macarons


  Happy Friday, people! Today I’m bringing you the lazy gal’s guide to baking one of the pastry world’s most finicky confections; the macaron. And what’s more, these are Salted Nutella Macarons. So they are basically, the ultimate Holiday cookie….

Jam Tarts |

Jam Tarts


  Afternoon tea-time everybody!   Excuse me while I sing ‘jam tarts, jam tarts’ to the tune of that song ‘ bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?’. Because apparently it is no trouble at all for me to make…