Giant Caramel Apple Scroll | The Sugar Hit

Giant Caramel Apple Scroll


  Today we are making GIANT THINGS!!!   ….and hey there! How’s your hump day going? Mine was totally boss. I caught up with two of my very best lady friends for lunch today, and it was basically lifeblood to…

Salty Maple Almond Pralines |

Salty Maple Almond Praline


    Oh, hi there.   I’d like you to meet your new best friend, SALTY MAPLE ALMOND PRALINE! Or, as I like to call it, the unstoppable snack attack. This recipe is super quick, and really, almost offensively simple….

Nutella & Honeycomb Scones |

Nutella and Honeycomb Scones


  Let’s talk about the alternative names I considered giving these scones: 1) Gangsta Scones 2) Oh no you di’nt Biscuits 3) The scones you would serve if Alice Cooper was coming to your tea party 4) Hard Rock Cakes…

Mandarin & White Chocolate Popsicles!


  HAVE YOU HEARD? It’s Popsicle Week ya’ll! No, you’re not dreaming. This is really real! Because that charming, achingly hilarious champion of food bloggers Billy over on Wit and Vinegar obviously realised the greatness of popsicles, and decided it…

Marmalade Yoghurt Cake - The Sugar Hit

Marmalade Yoghurt Cake


This is my day-glo tribute to the baking of Italy. Isn’t it funny how many of us walk around with a deep and romantic love for Italy in our hearts? Even, maybe even especially, those of us who have never…

Toscakaka Caramel Almond Sponge Recipe

Toscakaka Caramel Almond Sponge – A Recipe


This Swedish Toscakaka is the platonic ideal of afternoon tea cakes. It is light and buttery and moist in texture, with intense flavours of vanilla, caramel and almond. Toscakaka and coffee are a match made in Norse Heaven, which, if…

Ricotta Kisses Recipe

Ricotta Kisses – A Recipe


Aaaaaargh – missed a week, friends. I’m sorry, I really am. Mainly because….I want to put up at least one post a week! No other reason, it’s not really deeper than that. It just took me a little while to…