Homemade Crumpets and Honeycomb Butter // The Sugar Hit

Homemade Crumpets & Honeycomb Butter


  Here’s a question for you – would you rather be a showgirl in Vegas, or Paris? I’m in two minds over it. Topless dancing is topless dancing, and we’re talking about the fairly classy/non-sexual kind, like the Lido in…

Brown Butterscotch Apple Jaffle // The Sugar Hit

Brown Butterscotch Apple Jaffle


  Bread is my kryptonite. Well, bread and pie….and donuts…and fries… My kryptonite is carbs, let’s be real. So when I want to really fall off the healthy-eating wagon (which, although the evidence suggests otherwise, I am on) I make…

Coffee Maple Donuts // The Sugar Hit

Coffee Maple Donuts


  Every time I start writing this post I get completely distracted watching Hey USA. It’s just a great show, you guys. You should all watch it, so we can talk about it. I will give you donuts.   Specifically,…

Simple Lemon Loaf // The Sugar Hit

Simple Lemon Loaf


  So, my phone exploded the other day. There I was, casually sitting on my couch, watching an episode of one of Jamie Oliver’s old shows and eating some hazelnuts that I scrounged from the back of my cupboard (classy…