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Pomegranate Braised Red Cabbage


  Sometimes, amidst all the brown tones of the holiday season, another dish emerges…something luminescent, jewel-bright, dressed to the nines…this is that recipe. Pomegranate Braised Red Cabbage! And not only is it a beautiful deep purple, spiked with jewels of…

Pierogies with Herb Butter | The Sugar Hit

Home Made Pierogies


  If there’s one thing I deeply love, it’s Eastern European food.   I love the cold, you see, and with the cold comes the rib-sticking, delicious, buttery delights of the kitchen. Hungarian goulash. Vareniki. Pirozhkis. Borscht. Khachapuri. Cabbage rolls….

Okonomiyaki |



  Konichiwa! And welcome to the final recipe for Japan Week.   There is still Sunday’s post about Japan, but this is my last recipe and MAN, did I save a good one for last! May I introduce you to…

Gyoza at Home |

Gyoza at Home!


  IRRASHAIMASE!!!   Welcome to Japan Week! This week I am all about Japan, Japanese food, and Japanese drinks! Why is that, you ask? Absolutely no reason at all, other than that I love it. So, in answer to my…