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Not Secret Blog Business!


  If you’re a blogger, a solo entrepreneur, or someone who’s just interested in the behind the scenes details of what goes on around here at The Sugar Hit, then you will probably be interested in this video!   Creative…

The Sugar Hit Cookbook Story: Part 3

The Sugar Hit Cookbook: Part 3


  It’s time for ‘That Time I Wrote a Cookbook” part three! In the first installment, I told you all about everything that led up to the book happening, and in the second installment I told you all about the…

Raspberry Vanilla Bean Float // The Sugar Hit

Working 9 to 5


  What a way to make a living! Boy, Dolly Parton was right. And I know, because I used to work 9 to 5. But lucky for me, that’s not my life anymore. It’s more like working literally every hour…

Kitchen Fails // The Sugar Hit



  Let’s talk about fails, baby. Kitchen fails. I got ’em. Maybe you got ’em? I think I got a lot of ’em. This whole ‘recipe development’ bidness ain’t always a bed of roses. Unsurprisingly, it is a lot of…

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NEW SERIES! Blog Talk/Real Talk


  Meet the newest feature on The Sugar Hit! Blog Talk/Real Talk is all about the Bloggers, Writers, Cooks and Otherwise Awesome Folks  who inspire me, and make this community so exciting. I’m getting in touch with the people who…