The Sugar Hit Cookbook: Part 3

The Sugar Hit Cookbook Story: Part 3


It’s time for ‘That Time I Wrote a Cookbook” part three! In the first installment, I told you all about everything that led up to the book happening, and in the second installment I told you all about the people who involved in bringing the book to life.


This time I’m going to fill you in on all the other stuff. The scary stuff, the fun stuff, the unexpected stuff. It might get weird. Won’t you join me?


The Sugar Hit Cookbook Story: Part 3


First of all, and let’s start with the obvious: creating The Sugar Hit cookbook is, the coolest, most fun, scariest and most personal thing I’ve ever done. A lot of people asked me how I made sure that the book was unique, and worthwhile. Well, the truth is that I’ve been bursting to share my recipes, and my food attitude with EVERYONE for literally years.


Since I was in highschool, I have had a folder on my computer entitled ‘cookbook ideas’. And my ethos towards food, and the thing that drove the whole book for me from the very start, was that food should be FUN. Life is fun, and we’re here for so short a time, I just want to dive into it like a bowl full of jelly and swim around! My enthusiasm on this topic knows no bounds, and it’s what The Sugar Hit! cookbook is choc-full of.


The Sugar Hit Cookbook Story: Part 3


The idea of maximum joy is what is behind every single recipe in the book, and I feel confident that WHOEVER picks it up will find SOMETHING inside it’s pages that will put a big, goofy smile on their face.


But having said that, was it still an incredibly scary thing to do? HELL YES. I am a cookbook lover. I know what makes a good cookbook, since I’ve got about 300 of them (that’s not an exaggeration). I adore them, but I also know that the ones that really stick, the ones that really count for something,  are the ones which seem to have a piece of the author inside them. And that’s not an easy thing to do.


The Sugar Hit Cookbook Story: Part 3


So in this book, I tried to really make it for myself. Does that sound crazy? I just thought that if I could make a book that would check all of my boxes for having a strong voice, a fun point of view, bonkers-cool recipes, and plenty of personal, individual insight, then that was really the best I could do. Oh, and I tested all the recipes like a gosh darn demon, because I can’t stand the idea of one of my recipes failing you.


Basically, I want this book to be a big chunk of happiness. Buttery, chocolate-coated, stack-o-pancakes, ice cream sundae happiness. And I think I did it. I hope I did it! It was all for you!


The Sugar Hit Cookbook Story: Part 3


As if the idea of pouring myself into a book and then trying to sell it wasn’t enough, this whole process was scary and insane for other reasons as well. I mean, I’m 24. I’ve probably got more business experience that most other 24 year olds – I’ve held my own in high-stakes meetings, and worked on very expensive projects, but this was the first time I’d done any of that for myself.


It’s different when it’s for you and only you. It means more. So, interstate business meetings? Terrifying! Negotiations? I was packing it! Even working with a team was weird! I mean, the folks at Hardie Grant are exceptionally lovely, but for the past 2 years it’s been me all by myself here at The Sugar Hit. It was a learning curve!


The Sugar Hit Cookbook Story: Part 3


As scary, and confronting, and challenging as it was (sorry to sound cliched) but I really wouldn’t trade the experiences and the things I’ve learned for all the world. From what I now know about what it takes to put a book together, to traveling by myself for the first time (loved it, Melbourne, please adopt me), to meeting all the incredible people I got to meet, it really was the best thing I’ve ever experienced.


And truly, having a hard copy in my hands is the coolest effing thing.


The Sugar Hit Cookbook Story: Part 3


So there you have it. That’s what it’s like to literally have your childhood dream come true. In my case, it was and still is, flipping amazing! I’m grinning like a moron right now, and I really can’t wait for you all to get your copy so I can hear what you think!


And if you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you can do so wherever books are sold, like these guys: AmazonBook DepositoryBooktopiaDymocksBarnes and Noble. Have a brilliant week! And as always, if you want to know anything at all about the process, hit me up in the comments, because I’m an open book.


xx Sarah.


The Sugar Hit Cookbook Story: Part 3


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