Overnight Oats! #FoodRevolution

Overnight Oats! #FoodRevolution / The Sugar Hit


Overnight Oats! My breakfast obsession. But before I ate my oats, I had to eat my words. Because I may be or may not be in print railing against the naming rights of this soaked-oat breakfast. I make some pretty great points about it, but you’ll have to buy my book to hear those *WINK!* Otherwise, you should know that these are one of the things I make more than almost anything else. And in light of this Friday being Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, I’m sharing the top three things I would recommend for a beginner cook.


Overnight Oats! #FoodRevolution / The Sugar Hit


These are so perfect for beginners, because firstly they are delicious. Secondly, they are barely even a recipe. And finally, they’re super fun to make and you can make them look really beautiful in the bowl – the sense of accomplishment I get whenever I make these is so out of scale with the effort I put in is ridiculous! Oh, and as a bonus, oats are pretty dang good for you I think. Like, cholesterol lowering, full of fibre, blah blah blah. Love that! In fact, this recipe is something that would be great to get any kiddoes into the kitchen with – it’s so easy and it’s super fun.


There’s nothing that makes me feel better in the morning than eating something that I prepared the night before. It’s like a gift that past-me leaves for present-me. A little act of self care to start the morning. And then not only is it ready to go, you can also get as creative as you like with it. So you take your soaked oats, and top them however you want. Berries, apple, citrus, nuts, honey, whatever you want.


Overnight Oats! #FoodRevolution / The Sugar Hit


My preferred soaking liquid for these oats is just plain old skim milk – not because I’m scared of fat, lol – just because I find full cream milk pretty dang rich first thing in the morning. But alternatively, almond milk is delicious, or if you want to get really meta, go for oat milk. Oats on oats, baby. In my opinion, there is no greater topping here than blueberries, apple and pecans. Sweet, crunchy apple, bursting blueberries, and then those creamy oats.


It’s rare that you’ll hear me say this, but this is a breakfast that really doesn’t need a sweetener. OK, ok, I have been known to drizzle over the tiniest bit of maple syrup (so good, especially with a dollop of almond butter). But otherwise, you’ve got your oats, your fruit, and your crunchy nuts. After that I’m ready to smash out a bunch of my arch nemesis – email responses. So that should give you an indication of just how powerful this is!


xx Sarah.

Overnight Oats! #FoodRevolution
Serves: Serves 1
  • ½ cup whole rolled oats
  • Your favourite milk, to cover (dairy, almond, oat, rice, soy, whatever)
To serve:
  • blueberries
  • sliced apple
  • pecan nuts
  • maple syrup
  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • sliced pear
  • honey
  1. Place the oats into a clean jar and pour over enough milk to just cover the oats.
  2. Cover the oats with a lid, and place in the fridge overnight.
  3. To serve, tip into a bowl (or eat out of the jar) and top with your toppings of choice.
  4. Eat!



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