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Like a Fat Kid Loves...Milkshake! // The Sugar Hit Book!


Have I mentioned in the past how much I love bloggers? I can’t really speak outside of the world of food blogging – although heyyyy design blogs, I love you – but DAMN food bloggers are cool. Just a super supportive, friendly, welcoming, incredibly creative group. I definitely wouldn’t have come this far with The Sugar Hit, if the rest of the food blogga community wasn’t so freaking great. And I don’t think this book would exist either! (Do you have a copy yet? You can pick one up at any of these links! AmazonBook DepositoryBooktopiaDymocksBarnes and Noble)


Case in point, I sent a bunch of my lovely blogger homies an advance copy of my book, to get their thoughts and feedback and because I love them. This post is a few examples of what those delightful humans have made from the book so far! First up, my girl Cindy of Hungry Girl Por Vida threw a twist on my ‘Like a Fat Kid Loves…Milkshake’ (AKA a cake milkshake)  and made it with BROWNIES. I told you bloggers are cool.


Giant Cinnamon Bun! // The Sugar Hit Book!



Next up, the inimitable, incredibly stylish (=I’ve never actually met her, but I can just FEEEL that she’s stylish) Adrianna of A Cozy Kitchen made my Giant Cinnamon Bun. Dig her styling on that photo – and indeed, you should definitely go and read the whole post. Doesn’t she make everything seem so serene and lovely? I want to go on holiday to wherever this cinnamon bun is.


The Drownie // The Sugar Hit Book!


This luscious diptych is from Shelly of Vegetarian Ventures – she made my Drownie, which is essentially a rich, fudgy brownie, topped with a scoop of ice cream and smothered with a shot of hot espresso. Shelly lives in the Mid-West of America and produces a beautiful journal about the region called Driftless. Multi-talented much? Shelly is also one of the few people who I turn to for vegetarian inspiration, because everything she makes seems incredible, and never as though there is anything missing from it. SKILLZ.


Giant Cinnamon Bun! // The Sugar Hit Book!


I think I want to be Michelle from Hummingbird High when I grow up. Because she shares the impeccable good taste of Adrianna, Michelle also made my Giant Cinnamon Bun. Everything Michelle makes, I want to eat. Her layer cakes? Her doughnuts? Even that one time she made a pie and nailed it? Plus, Michelle has been incredibly kind and supportive to me as an internet-friend. Great lady, great blog – if you’re not already following her, you know what to do!


Garbage Brownies! // The Sugar Hit Book!


Before I say anything else, CLICK ON THIS LINK and go pre-order Billy’s book, because it comes out in October and everyone needs to get one as soon as possible. Done that? Great. Now, we can talk about my secret plans to move to LA and become best friends with him IRL, and then also become a successful screenwriter…Or maybe just keep doing the food thing? Actually yeah, food. Either way, I want to hang out and play with Mose and Nomi and eat GARBAGE BROWNIES – recipe for which is from my book!


The Sugar Hit Book!


Annnnd that’s what’s going on with me! Hope you’re week’s off to a great start!


xx Sarah.

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