Double Fudge Birthday Cake Popsicles

Double Fudge Birthday Cake Popsicles! // The Sugar Hit #PopsicleWeek


#POPSICLEWEEK! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, thanks to pop-genius Billy Green!! Popsicles left right and centre! Brownie pops, and funfetti pops, and dark and stormy pops….go check out all the POPS!


You know me, my popsicle had to be chocolate. When I think chocolate, I think cake. When I think cake I think birthday. So…drumroll… I just rammed some chocolate birthday cake right on into my fudge pops (double fudge) then I dipped them in chocolate and made it rain sprankles!


Double Fudge Birthday Cake Popsicles! // The Sugar Hit #PopsicleWeek


Do you know how easy it is to make fudgesicles? It takes about 4 minutes. Two minutes of measuring and stirring, then two minutes of boiling. Then you pour them into the moulds, and voila.


BUT, if you want to make these DOUBLE FUDGE BIRTHDAY CAKE popsicles, then you cram a bunch of tender chocolate birthday cake crumbs into the pops before you freeze them. Simple as that! And really, a store-bought chocolate cupcake does the job just fine (be sure to pick up an extra to eat while they’re freezing).


Double Fudge Birthday Cake Popsicles! // The Sugar Hit #PopsicleWeek


Miraculously, the cake stays soft and delicious within the popsicles, and takes on an even fudgier texture as they melt.


So you get a rich, cocoa-pudding like popsicle, studded with chunks and crumbs of fudgy birthday cake. The popsicles are smooth and very chocolatey, and yet not too rich or heavy, since they’re made out of milk and water.


Double Fudge Birthday Cake Popsicles! // The Sugar Hit #PopsicleWeek


As you can see, they turn luscious and shiny as they melt, and the cake crumbs add gorgeous texture. So you’re already #winning before you even dip them in chocolate and coat them in sprinkles.


Isn’t the making popsicles fun? There’s something about the shape, and then dipping. It feels like you’re running a popsicle factory. It’s almost as much fun as rummaging through your cupboard to find all those half-empty jars of sprinkles and edible glitter that you didn’t know you had and the going APESHIT with them.


Double Fudge Birthday Cake Popsicles! 3


Once these babies are dipped, you can decorate them as you wish (or leave them elegantly plain HA!) and then stick them back in the freezer for those hot summer nights, or even those cold Winter nights.


Because, really, when has Winter ever stopped me from eating  a popsicle?


xx Sarah.


Double Fudge Birthday Cake Popsicles! // The Sugar Hit #PopsicleWeek

Double Fudge Birthday Cake Popsicles
A simple chocolate fudge popsicle studded with cake crumbs
Serves: 6-8
For the pops:
  • ½ cup (100g) caster sugar
  • ½ cup (45g) cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp cornflour (cornstarch in you're in the USA)
  • 1½ cups (375ml) milk
  • ½ cup (125ml) water
  • optional: splosh of rum or bourbon
  • 1 cup chocolate cake crumbs (about 1 cupcake)
  • To dip:
  • 50g (2oz) chocolate
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • SPRANKLES (whatever sprinkles you have)
  1. Stir the caster sugar, cocoa, and cornflour together in a bowl.
  2. Add enough milk to make a paste, then slowly whisk in the rest, along with the water (there should be no lumps).
  3. Pour the mixture into a heavy based saucepan, and place over a medium heat. Bring to the boil, whisking constantly, then boil for a minute. The mixture will thicken slightly.
  4. Divide the cake crumbs loosely between your popsicle moulds (this will make 6-8 pops, depending on the size of your moulds).
  5. Divide the popsicle mixture between the moulds, then insert the sticks, and place in the freezer for at least 6 hours or overnight.
  6. To coat the pops, melt the chocolate and coconut oil together in the microwave, in short, 20 second bursts.
  7. Pour into a tall, thin container, just wide enough to fit your pops (I use a drinking glass). Dip the pops into the chocolate, let the excess drip off, and then quickly throw on your sprinkles.
  8. Place back in the freezer to set, then serve!


Double Fudge Birthday Cake Popsicles! // The Sugar Hit #PopsicleWeek


Double Fudge Birthday Cake Popsicles! // The Sugar Hit #PopsicleWeek


  1. argh omg they look so good!!! i’ve never had a fudgesicle before, but man they look like they taste amazing? (did they taste amazing?! can someone eat one for me and tell me???) brilliant post – i’m loving #popsicleweek, we’re all so creative!

  2. It IS the most wonderful time of year! If it was ever going to rain sprinkles it would be this week. Also gurl, your pops are all that.

  3. Pretty sure everytime I see your photos my tastebugs have a slight spasm of joy. I want these. Right now. Dans ma boucccche!

  4. as if fudgesicles could get any better! and love that you only need one cupcake, because then i can eat the rest of the batch, heh.

  5. I need these in my life! Excuse me while i run to the store to buy popsicle moulds stat!

  6. Yayayayayay! These are so awesome Sarah! Gimme some edible glitter. It’s edible righhhht?

  7. This cold snap definitely won’t deter me from eating these gorgeous popsicles! I need to get myself a popsicle mould and get a popsiclin’ (totally a verb now).

  8. I mean, I feel like you’re telling me it’s ok to have dessert with my dessert and I like that very much. <3

  9. these look SO good! i’m all about the cake inside the pops :) and that sprinkle gif…be still my heart :)

  10. Popsicle Week 2015 is OFF THE CHARTS! I’m pinning pops left and right. These birthday cake pops = so my jam. And love that GIF! XO

  11. That sprankles .gif may just be the best thing to happen to the internet! Right after cake-packed fudge pops of course. Aaaand now I have to go raid the office chocolate stash. :)

  12. OMG. Girl. GURL. These pops! That cake! Those pics! Your nails! I am more convinced than ever that we are culinary soulmates. Love it all!

  13. Hello, I´d like to know how many time it could be keeped on the freezer.

  14. Hi Sarah! Where are your pastel star sprinkles from? I ordered some on Amazon since the picture looked like they could’ve been like the ones you have, but when I received them, they were shaped more like flowers and weren’t the right colors. I’ve been looking all over for them but can’t find the right ones.

    And by the way, I’m a huge fan of your blog!

    • Hey Nikki! I
      I’m so glad you like my blog – thank you! I have bad news for you, though – they don’t sell those sprinkles anymore! I used to get them at the Supermarket (Coles in Australia) where they were the store-brand, and they no longer stock them. I’m super bummed about it. Sorry lovely! xx

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