Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt and a New Look!

Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt Hard work is a bitch – why, you ask? It’s hard. It takes time. It takes effort. It makes me sleepy. It’s too hard. So many reasons, and none of them any good. There is some work here that needs doing. If I want to get it done in any kind of good time, it’s gonna be hard. Sweat and tears are definitely on the cards, and pride is on the line. So we buckle down and lock ourselves into the vicious seemingly unending struggle with a Goal. Any goal worth achieving is going to take hard work. If it’s not hard, it’s probably not worth doing. Ok, that could just be a perverse instinct of mine, and if you don’t have it, then don’t chase it, but generally, unless you need to lace up your boots and get somethin’ DONE, then maybe what you’ve got isn’t a goal, but just a to-do list. Nothing wrong with a to-do list, they can be very useful when you’re working towards a goal, but otherwise they’re generally not as weighty as some would have you believe. Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt As usual I have begun with a fairly off topic opening paragraph, so I’ll ask you once again, patient reader, to bear with me, as I weave a tenuous link between the above rant, and this teacup of frozen yoghurt. There is one key thing that links this blueberry laden treat with my struggles with hard work; the treat in question requires absolutely no hard work from you. Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt It’s a three ingredient, 5 minute miracle of frozen desserts. Frozen blueberries, yoghurt and icing sugar go into the food processor or blender and, a few minutes of satisfying button pressing and noise making later, you have a vibrantly coloured frozen yoghurt for your trouble. Eat it straight out the processor! If you use low fat yoghurt, like I did – 99% fat free in fact- then you can indulge your heart out on this, without fear of your jeans no longer buttoning. The texture is luscious, the taste is intense and the colour is uplifting, and all for no effort from you. Makes hard work seem even harder, when this is so easy with such a great reward! Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt Rewards are an important part of hard work. They are the whole point! They’re what you give yourself when you reach a milestone, or when you achieve you goal! Although, oftentimes, the goal is reward enough in itself. And that’s why I commissioned this new look. Call it dressing for success. To feel good, you gotta look good. Thanks to the Jason Grimston web dev co. for the awesome design and dev work! Now, enjoy some light, easy frozen blueberry yoghurt on me and tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW about the new look! That’d be great, thanks! Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt

500g Frozen Blueberries

100g Icing Sugar’

3 Big Dessert Spoons of Yoghurt

Add the blueberries to the blender and pulse until they are like rubble, then add the sugar and yoghurt and blend till you reach a smooth soft server consistency. Job done. Eat.

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