Super Simple Nutella Hot Chocolate

Super Simple Nutella Hot Chocolate | The Sugar Hit


Frosted window panes, candles gleaming inside, painted candy canes on the tree…Santa’s on his way, he’s filled his sleigh with things, things for you and me.


YEP it’s Holiday time everyone! And I’m diving in head first this year, hoping to come out covered head to toe in tinsel and glitter and baubles. The first entry into my Holiday repertoire is how I feel all holidays should start, and that’s with a cup of hot chocolate. And this isn’t just any hot chocolate…it’s Nutella Hot Chocolate.


Super Simple Nutella Hot Chocolate | The Sugar Hit


And it’s not just any Nutella Hot Chocolate! It has a secret ingredient. An ingredient that will take your whole hot chocolate game to the next level. Ok, maybe it’s not that secret.


It’s sea salt. A pinch of sea salt and that takes this from being a pretty straight forward ‘yeah I get it’ kind of drink, to being totally unexpected and delightful.


Super Simple Nutella Hot Chocolate | The Sugar Hit


This would also benefit enormously from a splash of Frangelico (aka Hazelnut Liquer) to tie in with the hazelnuts in the Nutella. But if you’re serving this before noon or to some littlies, then understandably, you would leave that out.


We all know that half the fun of hot chocolate is the toppings, and here I’ve gone for some whipped creme fraiche, some chopped hazelnuts, and a little salted caramel that I had left over from this epic cake. I think the whipped creme fraiche is the only non-negotiable item, because this is a sweet hot chocolate. It’s not bitter enough to stand up to sweetened whipped cream or marshmallows, which would be a sugar overload.


Super Simple Nutella Hot Chocolate | The Sugar Hit


But otherwise, this is such a simple recipe, that I think it’s kind of perfect for the Holidays. It’s the kind of thing you can easily make at the drop of a hat, because really all you need to have in the house is some kind of milk, Nutella and a pinch of salt.


And that’s the kind of celebration that I love. The spur-of-the-moment cup of hot chocolate shared with friends or loved ones. Take a thermos of this down to the park, or sip it while you wrap presents and just hang out.


Super Simple Nutella Hot Chocolate | The Sugar Hit


If you’re bummed that Christmas things are already appearing in stores, and that I’m already talking Holiday recipes then sorry I’m not sorry.


Because I’m freaking Buddy the Elf over here. I love it all! And this year I’m going crazy with the Christmas stuff! Just try and stop me! And tell me, are you an Xmas hater or all about the Yuletide?


xx Sarah.


Super Simple Nutella Hot Chocolate | The Sugar Hit

Super Simple Nutella Hot Chocolate
This super simple nutella hot chocolate is so easy, but there is one secret ingredient: sea salt!
Serves: 1
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 heaped tbsp nutella
  • pinch of sea salt
  • whipped creme fraiche
  • chopped hazelnuts
  • caramel sauce
  1. To make the hot chocolate, simple place the milk, nutella and salt into a saucepan and place over a medium heat. Whisk constantly, being sure to get into the corners of the pan, until the mixture just starts to seethe around the edges, and then remove from the heat.
  2. Pour into mugs or cups and garnish with a blob of whipped creme fraiche, some chopped hazelnuts and a drizzle of caramel.


Super Simple Nutella Hot Chocolate | The Sugar Hit


  1. I’m a total Christmas hater, which I think is illegal because I”m Catholic, but for me, the past 10 years, Christmas is just expensive planes tickets home to see my family. I think one day when I have kids of my own, we’ll stay home for the holidays and then maybe I’ll like it. But you go ahead and cheer for Christmas like your buddy the elf self! (Elf is the ONLY Christmas movie I like!) This cocoa is making my day :)

    • GAH, I loved this comment! You’re such a babe, letting me dance around in a stupid elf outfit, even though you’re secretly wishing I would tone it down. I love that we could totally bond over cocoa, even if our Xmas feelings so far are totally different.

  2. Strange fact, the inventor of CorningWare just passed away today ( it’s still Thursday in Calgary;)). that was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw your post…other than how yummy that hot cocoa looks anyways;).

  3. I’m a Christmas lover but I try to keep my celebratin’ to a month before the holiday, since otherwise I tend to get burned out…but I am also a Nutella lover, so this hot chocolate can definitely keep me cozy any night. Love it!

  4. Now Bonfire night is over I think it’s totally fine to get all Christmased up! I’m super excited and think I may start my planning with one of these hot chocolates :)

    Katie xoxo

  5. I love all the caramel corn in your shots lately – it’s been making me have made popcorn cravings. Also, this hot chocolate is the winner of all hot chocolate’s ever. Whoa!

  6. did i miss something? it says add milk, nutella and hot chocolate but i don’t see hot chocolate in the recipe? this looks so delish!

    • Thanks for the pick-up Rachel! Not sure what I was thinking there…but it’s fixed now!

      • Ummm….I only see milk & Nutella, too.

          • I think, if I understand the recipe correctly, you make the hot chocolate with only milk, Nutella and the sea salt. There is no “hot chocolate” ingredient to include. Is this correct?

            Sounds DELISH btw, and I’ll be making this to give me that Christmas feeling and tide me over until after Thanksgiving when I feel I can reasonably start decorating and celebrating Christmas. :-)

          • You’re absolutely correct Angie. Hot chocolate is a drink – I don’t believe in powders!

            Hope you try this one once the decorations start going up!

  7. What perfect timing you have! I was just thinking yesterday how awesome nutella hot chocolate would be. I was drinking instant hot chocolate at the time which just seems rubbish in comparison now.

  8. Again, you have totally killed it with this recipe! Oh my goodness. And creme fraiche?? Pure and utter awesomeness.

  9. You know, yesterday I was craving Christmas REAL HARD. And hot chocolate. I love the Nutella version, especially with the salt. I just want to dive under a blanket with a cup of that and watch Christmas movies and not come out until the new year. Is that cool? K thanks.

  10. This is amazing and you are amazing and GAH did I tell you that I love Christmas so let’s so friends and drink this (with Frangelizo, OBVI). Ok rambling done, loveyoubye!

  11. Total Christmas lover!! I’ve started playing Christmas music on my morning commute (and blaming it on shuffle) and plan on starting the Christmas movies off with Ernest Saves Christmas this weekend. :)

  12. I want to dive head first into your photos. So amazing.
    I think it’s quite appropriate that I read this while listening to christmas music :)

  13. Ditto Sophie–my friend and I JUST decided that we’re going to throw a hot cocoa bar party yesterday and um….how perfect is this?!?! Too perfect, my friend, too perfect. Wishing I was home right now with a giant thing of nutella and almond milk so I could whip up a big mug!

  14. I make hot chocolate with nutella and sea salt all winter long, but have never thought to add creme fraiche and caramel. That is happening next time! Maybe with some frangelico to booze it up…

  15. This looks super amazing. I would have a glass every morning. And topping it with Creme fraiche is genius.

  16. ALL ABOUT THE YULETIDE!!! This recipe makes me happy. So simple. So freaking tasty-sounding. I’m all about it.

    I ‘m with ya on the Christmas train. I’ve already made 10 Christmas cards, shopping lists, have the Christmas candles going, and have decor planned (only for my bedroom though; I currently live at home because I am in-between degrees and my mom rejects anything Christmas until December. And no decor until after the 10th…such a scrooge! haha)

    • BOOOO, MOM! ALL THE DECOR! I love that you’re decorating your room! JOYEUX NOEL I say! Let’s be ridiculously happy, somewhat irritating, nutella hot chocolate drinking elves forever. Deal?

  17. My chocolate cravings have definitely kicked in after seeing these images Sarah.. nutella hot chocolate is a wickedly delicious idea. Wish I had one to devour right now!

  18. TOTALLY a Christmas lover over here… though I can understand why some folks would be less-than-happy over it… especially since the holiday season seems to begin earlier and earlier each year. (Am I complaining? Heck no! But I get it…)

    That being said, I desperately want a mug… or an entire carafe of this hot chocolate. The Nutella sounds like it just takes the drink over the top. I’ve pinned this to spread some holiday cheer later this month… and I think I can easily convince family members to make this with me!

    Keep on keepin’ on with your Elf-y self! Nice work!

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