Sunday Snack Attack #2! Hummus & Crudites

Hummus with Pita Chips | The Sugar Hit


It’s time for another Sunday Snack Attack sponsored by Healtheries! The inspiration word for this post was Nibbles, because I get the nibbles all the time, you guys. Because of my work, I am constantly taking little bites of things, which means that I’m never usually hungry at lunchtime.


Come mid-afternoon I get seriously snacky. And that calls for nibbles! Which I try and keep on the healthy end of the scale in order to balance out things like, say these Pecan Brownie Buns, for example.


Hummus with Pita Chips | The Sugar Hit


This is one of my favourite, super easy things to set up as a snack because SPOILER ALERT, I buy my hummus in a tub. Not because it’s hard to make, but because I hate washing up my food processor – #reallife. So I slather my favourite hummus onto a big plate, and then give it a drizzle of good olive oil and a sprinkle of sumac. The sumac is so good; it totally makes this dish.


It’s bright, sharp and citrussy notes are perfect alongside the creamy hummus and crunchy dippers. Carrots, cucumbers, pita chips or these little ‘rice wheels’ from Healtheries are all you need to carry that dippin’ goodness into your mouth. Now excuse me, I have to get my snack on.


xx Sarah.


Hummus with Pita Chips | The Sugar Hit



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