Sunday Supplements: Short Edition

Sunday Supplements Short Edition | The Sugar Hit


Howdy Ya’ll!


I have had an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING weekend, absolutely choc-a-block full of some really fantastic experiences, which you will hear ALL ABOUT over the coming weeks! Get excited! But this does mean I haven’t had my usual time to put together the Sunday Supplements this week. So welcome to the Short Edition. This week is just some link love. Hope you like it!



Have a great week!


xx Sarah.


    • Thanks Jen – awesome brownies!

    • No trouble! So much incredible work out there!

  1. Thanks for the link love!

    • My pleasure! Amazing recipe.

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 Super awesome birthday lunch with my sister - the roll was good, but that salad was AMAZING. Watermelon, tomato, basil, feta and mint. Thanks @juliakcoates!   You are going to want this in your life this weekend! 1. It's delicious AND 2. It gives you an excuse to hang around the house doing nothing for a few hours! WINNING! Recipe is on my blog now, link in profile.
 These super quick and easy Banh Mi are on the blog today for Street Food Monday! They are crispy, tangy, salty, savory, spicy, rich and light and FREAKING DELICIOUS. {link in profile}  You'd be grabbing one too if you had a batch of these badass CHOCOLATE CHIP PRETZEL COOKIES!!!  Recipe on the blog now! (link in profile)