Ricotta Kisses – A Recipe

Ricotta Kisses Recipe Aaaaaargh – missed a week, friends. I’m sorry, I really am. Mainly because….I want to put up at least one post a week! No other reason, it’s not really deeper than that. It just took me a little while to get inspired this week is all. I had an idea for a bright blue background behind a salted caramel and charred pineapple sundae. It was in a brass bowl, which goes well with blue, and I wanted to put a little umbrella in it. Needless to say, when I hacked into the pineapple it was ickily brown. And then, since I had already set up my shot, and have limited time, as I know all bloggers do, I forged ahead. I made a lime, salted caramel and rum milkshake, which was tasty! And then I salted the rims of the glasses. It was delicious! But it looked waaaaay like baby puke when photographed on a blue background. And by the time I got to photographing, I had already lost the good light. So, sigh, it was not meant to be. Ricotta Kisses Recipe Suffice it to say, I lost my photography mojo for a few days after that. But then, as she so often does, Nigella swooped down on a cloud of inspiration and easy recipes, and served me up the idea of sweet, light, EASY ricotta doughnuts. That’s right, the most defining quality of the whisper-light, sweet and creamy doughnuts is how simple they are! One bowl, nothing more than a wooden spoon required, and I fry them in a pan that would barely be big enough to poach an egg. The recipe only makes about 16 doughnuts, which is just about perfect for swift inhalation alongside a strong espresso and an engaging conversation. And was just enough inspiration for me to throw my photography woes to the wind, and start a-frying doughnuts! Ricotta Kisses Recipe These should be eaten in one or two bites, heavily dusted in sweet powdered sugar. Each mouthful disappears on the tongue, with a crispy savoury edge before giving way to airy, milky-sweet rum and vanilla scented center. I cannot emphasize enough how whisper-light these are I really can’t, and although they are subtle, they are intriguing enough to be eaten on their own. Would I say no to a sultry puddle of salted caramel, if I were eating them after dinner? No ma’am. No I would not. But as they are, alongside a dark Italian espresso, and in the midst of a conversation full of wild gesticulation, these are perfect. Perfetto. Molto Bene. Grazie, Nigella. I shall now get back on the regular blog-posting horse. Ricotta Kisses Recipe


Ricotta Kisses with Rum & Vanilla

Adapted from Nigellissima, 2012,  by Nigella Lawson.

100g ricotta

1 egg

1tsp sugar

2tsp rum

1tsp vanilla paste

40g plain flour

1tsp baking powder

Canola oil, to fry

Icing sugar, to dust Fill a small saucepan (the size you would boil an egg in) about half to two-thirds full of canola oil over a medium-low heat. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl combine, the ricotta, egg, sugar rum and vanilla and beat until very well combined. Finally, stir through the plain flour and baking powder until thoroughly combined. Test the oil, by placing a wooden chopstick or spoon handle in the pan. If the oil bubble gently around the handle, then the temperature is about right – 180C.

Gently drop teaspoons of the batter into the oil, and fry until gently golden and cooked through, or about 2 minutes. Test a few, to ensure they are cooked through, but they don’t take long. Once cooked, drain on a paper towel lined plate. To serve, dust heavily with icing sugar and enjoy!

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