Danish Style Hot Dogs {street food monday}

Danish Style Hot Dogs {street food monday} | The Sugar Hit


Hey Monday, stick this in your pipe and smoke it! Because that slightly smokey flavour is just what we’re after, thank you.


Sticking it to Mondays is kind of the whole point of every Street Food Monday. But these Danish-licious dogs are perhaps the most Monday defying recipe yet!


Danish Style Hot Dogs {street food monday} | The Sugar Hit


I know what you’re thinking. ‘Yo, Sarah, hot dogs on the street? That’s kind of a New York thing. What’s with the Danish connection?’


Firstly, I like your Brooklyn accent. Secondly, yeah I know about New York hot dogs. But, in addition to being completely in love with NYC, I am something of a Scandi-file.


Danish Style Hot Dogs {street food monday} | The Sugar Hit


Give me the brightly coloured facades of the buildings in Nyhavn, the steely grey seas and skies, and all the Viking history I can handle, because I love it! And what’s more, whilst the hot dog is undoubtedly popular in NYC, it is THE street food of Denmark.


Hot Dog stands are pretty ubiquitous in a lot of the cold countries of the world, because sausage making has a long standing tradition in these countries as a means of preserving meat for Winter.


Danish Style Hot Dogs {street food monday} | The Sugar Hit


The real genius of these dogs is the toppings. Sure, ketchup and mustard are great. I can even get down with sauerkraut. But the Danish toppings are my new go-to choices. There’s the remoulade, an awesome tangy, mustardy mayonnaise, kind of similar to tartare sauce.


The pickles! I mean, why haven’t I put pickles on a hot dog before now? But the best part is the onion. You know those crunchy fried onions that you buy in a jar? I get them in the asian section of my supermarket. Yeah, an absolute avalanche of those guys goes on, along with finely diced raw onion.


Danish Style Hot Dogs {street food monday} | The Sugar Hit


And it’s the two types of allium together that is just so good. Super crunchy, super fresh, salty, tangy, fresh, creamy, salty and smokey. This hits all my buttons you guys.


So tell me, are you a hot dog purist? Or a happy hot dog world traveller? Also, who wants to come on a European hot dog adventure with me? Pack sweatpants.


xx Sarah.


Danish Style Hot Dogs {street food monday} | The Sugar Hit

Danish Style Hot Dogs {street food monday}
Soft buns, smoked dogs, raw onions, fried onions, pickles and Danish remoulade = a classic Danish Hot Dog!
Serves: 4
  • 4 hot dog buns
  • 4 hot dogs (lightly smoked, preferably)
  • dill pickles, sliced
  • raw onion
  • fried onion (sometimes packaged as fried shallots)
For the remoulade:
  • 2 tsp grain mustard
  • 2 tsp yellow (American) mustard
  • 4 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp each chopped pickles, raw onion, capers, tarragon (optional)
  • dash of curry powder (optional)
  1. Mix together the ingredients for the remoulade and set aside.
  2. Prepare the hot dogs in your preffered method. I boil mine, but a grilled hot dog is also pretty great. Either way, make sure they're properly heated through and cooked.
  3. Split your hot dog buns, and place a hot dog in each one. Top with a hefty portion of fried and raw onion, plenty of sliced pickles and plenty of remoulade.
  4. Serve with sweet potato chips, if desired, and PLENTY of napkins.


Danish Style Hot Dogs {street food monday} | The Sugar Hit


  1. I made friends in college with real Danes (directly from Denmark) and one night they wanted to make Danish hotdogs. I thought a hotdog is a hotdog is a hotdog, right? They first fried the hotdog is butter (yum) them topped them with the fried onions. I was in love. I imagine the remoulade would only take it to the next level.

  2. Yes! i love hot dogs – I’m a bit of a sauerkraut kinda gal, but these look too good not to try sarah!

  3. Ahhh – this is so lovely, Sarah – you putting my tiny, Cold and windy country on the map with these hotdgs :-) And ypu got it right too. Maybe only we slice the bun in a different way… Never mind, this post rocks.
    love, Lene

  4. I kinda can’t handle this. I’m a super healthy eater, but hot dogs are my WEAKNESS. Plus mustard, onions, and pickles? Have mercy!

  5. Oh dear…! My little heart can’t take so much goodness!8 need to try this!! Thank you so much for the recipe!

  6. Hot dogs are soooo my jam! I loooove those buns. I think that is the key to a good hot dog, a good base. I totally can get down with these Danish dogs.

  7. I’d say you pretty much nailed this one Sarah! Bacon wrapped “polse” with fried onions is my Fave, but that remoulade is pretty kick ass..

  8. I spent a month in copenhagen in March/April and ate my weight in these. So good. if anyone is going, there’s a great organic hot dog stand in town called dop (near the round tower) which was recently voted by danes as their favourite eatery. take that noma.

  9. YES. I will eat any hot dog anyone cares to give me, just as long as it doesn’t have any sweet relish. This remoulade sounds excellent! My hot dog obsession may have stemmed from working under a block from Central Park for a while, which meant visiting the park hot dog stands ALL the time. So good!

  10. ooh, those crunchy fried onions! i’d be ALL over this hot dog. LOVE LOVE LOVE street food mondays :)

  11. I’m something of a hotdog purist, (I totally side eye people who put ketchup on their dog.) but this sounds awesome. Fancy mustardy goodness with DILL pickles & fried onions… Heck yeah!

  12. YUM! These look amazing. :)

  13. I was just in Copenhagen and absolutely loved the hotdogs – can’t wait to try this and recreate them at home!

  14. I think every has some kind of cylindrical meat form – even here in holland :) Looks awesome. Going to Denmark next year – woop!

  15. So, yes, the danes know their hot dogs and Remoulade is insanely divine as are the crispy fried onions (BTW, frenches makes them, too). BUT American hot dogs are all wrong. You need the red hot dogs from Denmark to get the true flavor and you won’t find them in the states… and there’s nothing like the red danish hot dogs…

    • Did you know that the Danish red hot dogs AKA Rød Pølse, were originally dyed red to denote that they were old and were sold at cheaper prices? I think that’s such a cool example of the Danish sense of fairness, that vendors were transparent about their produce. Now the red ones are the standard!


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