Thanksgiving Sides-A-Palooza!

Thanksgiving Sides-A-Palooza! | The Sugar Hit


GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Thanksgiving is coming up! As a totally non-American person (like, not even close to even the continent of America) I freaking love Thanksgiving. Is it any surprise that I’m all about it? It’s an entire feast that celebrates feasting!


A gathering to celebrate abundance, beautiful produce and how lucky we are seems not only totally joyous, but really something that everyone lucky enough to have the means, should celebrate! I vote that T-giving is the next holiday we appropriate all over the world, as we have done with Halloween. Agreed? Great!


And now on to SIDES-A-PALOOZA!


Thanksgiving Sides-A-Palooza! | The Sugar Hit


If you’re not as obsessed with this holiday as I am, you may think that the whole point of the meal is the Turkey. And you’re kind of right, because it would be pretty weird without a Turkey. But everyone who loves food knows that the REAL point, the REAL power of any holiday table is THE SIDES.


The sides are where all the extra love goes, and so they are extra delicious. So every day this week, I’ll be sharing the recipes for my Top 5, most delicious, and also easiest Thanksgiving Sides. Here’s what I’ve got for ya:


  • Basic Bitch Cranberry Sauce
  • Brown Butter Parker House Rolls
  • Maple Roast Carrots with Parsley & Pistachio
  • Brussels Sprout & Hazelnut Gratin
  • The CRUNCHIEST Rosemary Roast Potatoes


Are you psyched? Because I don’t know if you can tell, but I really am.


xx Sarah.


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