Apple Tarte Tatin Turnovers | The Sugar Hit!

Apple Tarte Tatin Turnovers


  Raise your hand if you ever wanted to run away and live in France. Have you got your hand raised? Me too.   What is it about those Gallic folks, and their beautiful Medieval cities, that makes me want…

Honey Whole Wheat English Muffins | The Sugar Hit!

Honey Whole Wheat English Muffins


  English muffins have been my favourite breakfast since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.   And more specifically, I like a wholemeal English muffin. I know a lot of people may well disagree with me on this, but I…

Never Fail French Toast | The Sugar Hit

Never Fail French Toast


  French toast, french toast, french toast.   Is there anything we don’t love about you?     Nope. You’re buttery. You’re custardy. You’re breakfast, you’re dessert, you’re delicious. We love everything about you.   But, but…when you’re bad…it’s really…

Blueberry Vanilla Bread | The Sugar Hit

Blueberry Vanilla Bread


  Check that bread out. Looks good, doesn’t it? I like baking things that look impressive, but I LOVE baking things that taste even BETTER than they look.   And this bread has got it. This bread is like Hansel,…

Corn and Scallion Belgian Waffles | The Sugar Hit

Corn & Scallion Belgian Waffles


  Sometimes inspiration just strikes. Like when you’re driving to the greengrocer to pick up your fruit and vegetables for the week, sure and certain that today you will be making a Bavarian Cream Pie.   It was written in…

Sticky Date Granola | The Sugar Hit

Sticky Date Granola


  Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks making your own cereal is like magic? There’s something about all those boxes of cereal at the grocery store that says ‘you definitely can’t make me at home’. I’m looking…

Sea Salt and Poppy Seed Bagels | The Sugar Hit

Sea Salt & Poppy Seed Bagels


  Sea Salt and Poppy Seed Bagels! Somehow that sounds kind of elegant and grown up, doesn’t it? I think it’s the sea salt. That’s the international ingredient for sophistication. Remember when we used to put salt on things, and…

Super Swirly Cinnamon Buns | The Sugar Hit

Super Swirly Cinnamon Buns


  Hey everyone! It’s such a relief to talk to you guys. The rest of the world can be a drag sometimes, you know? Not everyone understands the importance of cinnamon buns.   I could talk cinnamon buns endlessly. Do…