Black Plum Compote | The Sugar Hit

Black Plum Compote with Vanilla & Honey


  Stone fruits are without a doubt my most favourite members of the fruit family. Peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, cherries and all the crazy hybrids in between: luscious.   There is no more decadent food eating experience in my mind,…

Rich Cream Biscuits | The Sugar Hit

Rich Cream Biscuits & Coffee


  This is about as down home as breakfast can get. And about as perfect.   Fresh, buttery flaky biscuits, first thing in the morning? Yes. That’s what I want the morning to be like in my house all the…

Almond and Dried Fruit Cinnamon Buns | The Sugar Hit

Almond & Dried Fruit Cinnamon Buns


  What’s up, Christmas morning??   Please meet my latest addition to the little traditions that my man-friend and I are building up. So far we have one for valentines day (do nothing), one for birthdays (fancy french restaurants), and…

Bear Claws! | The Sugar Hit

Bear Claws!


  Aaaaaaand we’ve officially reached the part of December where I snap.   Because ALL I WANT right now is a cold snap. ALL I WANT is a dusting of snow on the ground. ALL I WANT is to wear…

Butterscotch and Apricot Crepe Bake | The Sugar Hit

Butterscotch & Apricot Crepe Bake


  Crepes for a crowd! Pancakes for a posse! Blintzes for all you mensches!   That’s right ya’ll, it’s brunch time! And this is my gift to you; the lazy girl’s guide to serving crepes in quantity.     Because,…

Cinnamon Almond Babka | The Sugar Hit

Cinnamon Almond Babka!


  I am bringing the Holiday spirit to November, HARD.   Because in case you didn’t know cinnamon = the flavour of Holidays. Yes that’s right, it’s a little known fact. The Holidays have a taste; the taste is cinnamon….

Triple Cheese and Onion Strata | The Sugar Hit

Triple Cheese & Onion Strata


  It’s the start of November, everybody!   And you should know that I am an absolute Holiday Junkie, so get ready for a non-stop Holiday recipe onslaught for the next 8 weeks. I’m sorry if you are one of…

Giant Caramel Apple Scroll | The Sugar Hit

Giant Caramel Apple Scroll


  Today we are making GIANT THINGS!!!   ….and hey there! How’s your hump day going? Mine was totally boss. I caught up with two of my very best lady friends for lunch today, and it was basically lifeblood to…

Liege Waffles |

Liege Waffles!


  Hello, Bonjour, Gutentag, Hallo!   I’m feeling very multi-cultural today. For today, I bring you that most wondrous of Belgian goodies, the Liege Waffle. This is, hands down, my favourite-ever waffle. As of today, I don’t think I will…