Raspberry Sparklers & Happy Holidays!

Raspberry Sparklers // The Sugar Hit


HEYOOO! Man, I hate to repeat what everyone else has probably already said to you a million times, but WHERE DID THE YEAR GO? Seriously, the end of this year and the whole holiday shebang that goes with it has really crept up on me in 2014.


I guess it’s because this year has been so great, so crammed full of the good stuff that it simply raced along. Time flies when you’re having fun, as they say.


Raspberry Sparklers // The Sugar Hit


Speaking of having fun, may I pour you a drink? Let me make it a Raspberry Sparkler while I’m at it. This is so simple, and if it’s winter where you are, don’t fret, because this works absolutely perfectly with frozen raspberries.


It’s a simple puree of raspberries, sharpened up with a little lime juice and sweetened with a touch of icing sugar. A tablespoonful of that concoction goes into the base of your glass, and then you simply top it up with whatever sparkly wine you like best.


Raspberry Sparklers // The Sugar Hit


This is a party drink, for sure. The perfect thing to make that maybe less-than-stellar sparkling wine for a crowd seem like a real treat. In fact, I think this works best with a cheaper option, like asti spumanti or prosecco or sparkling Brut.


If I am lucky enough  to lay my hands on a $100 dollar bottle of Champagne, the last thing I’m going to do is pour a sweet fruit puree into it. But if I’ve got my usual ~$15 dollar bottle, and a bunch of people who I would like share a drink with, then ladies and gentlemen, we will be drinking Raspberry Sparklers!


Raspberry Sparklers // The Sugar Hit


It’s been such a great year for me, you guys. I’ve had so much fun writing this blog, sharing my food with you and getting the best surprises ever when I see someone enjoy a recipe of mine! I’m taking the rest of the year off to recharge, finish off some other big projects I’m working on (stay tuned!) and hang out with my family of champions. I hope you get the chance to do so too, and I hope you have a blast. And if you don’t well then, pour yourself one of these guys and lean in to it!


The most used tags on my blog this year were: bread, breakfast, brunch, cake, caramel, chocolate, christmas, dessert, holidays, ice cream and yeast. I think that pretty much sums it up: amazing. Thank you so much for reading and being a part of this blog. Have an awesome Holiday and safe and happy New Year!


xx Sarah.


Raspberry Sparklers // The Sugar Hit


Raspberry Sparkler's & Happy Holidays!
A simple concoction of raspberry puree, lime juice, and sparkling wine!
Serves: approx 12 glasses
  • 2 cups frozen raspberries
  • 1 lime.
  • icing sugar, to taste
  • Sparkling wine (prosecco, asti spumanti, sparkling brut)
  1. To make the puree heat the raspberries in the microwave until they're soft.
  2. Push them through a sieve into a small bowl, and squeeze in the juice of your lime.
  3. Now, you need to taste both the raspberry puree and the wine to see how much sugar you should add. I start at about 2 teaspoons and add more as needed.
  4. Pour about a tablespoon of puree into each glass and then top up with sparkling wine and serve.
  5. CHEERS!


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