Sunday Snack Attack #3! Freestyle Smoothie

Freestyle Smoothies | The Sugar Hit


This is the third and final post in my Sunday Snack Attack series, sponsored by Healtheries! You might remember that mega crunchy Grilled Cheese with Pickles, or the gorgeous, silky Hummus with Crudites from a few weeks ago? Well, today I’m inspired by the word ‘break’ because that is what I’m sorely in need of right now!


When I get the chance to sit down and take a load off, especially in the middle of a work day, I love to have a little snack – preferably something salty, healthy and crunchy like these Potato Curls from Healtheries, along with something that’s packed full of goodness and going to give me plenty of energy. And my favourite way to get that energy is by freestyling a smoothie!


Freestyle Smoothies | The Sugar Hit


I always have a ton of frozen berries in my freezer, so a handful of whatever I’ve got goes into the blender, along with a dollop of yoghurt, and a splash of milk or apple juice or even water. If you’re feeling particularly virtuous or in need of iron, then a handful of spinach is pretty much undetectable in one of these babies.


For the smoothie pictured I used apple juice, yoghurt, and a handful each of raspberries and blueberries. If your berries are especially tart, a drizzle of honey will liven things up. Otherwise, I recommend finding a patch of blue sky to gaze at while you enjoy your break! You earned it.


xx Sarah.


Freestyle Smoothies | The Sugar Hit


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