Sunday Snack Attack! Grilled Cheese & Pickles

Grilled Cheese and Pickles! // The Sugar Hit


Welcome to Sunday Snack Attack! A short series I will be running for the next few weeks as part of a sponsored challenge by Healtheries & Kidspot! Along with a box of Healtheries snacks, I’ve been given a bunch of words to inspire my posts.


The word for today is…Munchy! Because, I mean, there isn’t really anything munchier than a grilled cheese sandwich is there? That crunchy, buttery exterior, the gooey interior, the whole thing is ridiculous. It’s hard to see how it could be improved on.


Grilled Cheese and Pickles! // The Sugar Hit


There is one way though…serve it with a pickle and something crunchy. Now, obviously, if you’re a pickle-hater, this isn’t for you. But if you’re a fan, or even just a tolerator of pickles, then trust me because your grilled cheese game is about to explode off the chart.


It’s all about regulating your bites, you see. First, a munch of that buttery-gooey cheese sandwich, then a  super-crunchy bite of a salty snack (like these Potato Stix from Healtheries), and then the real kicker is a crunch of tangy dill-scented pickle to reset your palate and take you straight back into that sandwich. This is such an indulgent treat, you guys. Treat yourself to one, you won’t regret it!


xx Sarah

Grilled Cheese and Pickles! // The Sugar Hit


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