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I’ve got some news! Good news. Exciting news for me. A cool step forward in my life, and my career, which is this, The Sugar Hit. You’re reading it, it’s my job and I absolutely love it. If you’ve ever wondered how I do this for a living, well I do it much the same way that other bloggers do. I get a little money from those ads over in the sidebar there. I get a lot of opportunities to work on other projects which are generated from The Sugar Hit, I wrote a BOOK, and I sometimes partner with brands who will sponsor the blog for a post or a project.

Up until now I’ve actually been pretty slack about brand partnerships. I’ve only taken on a few, though always for products I really like and think you’ll like. And they have almost always come about because people from those brands have approached me. I’m just not great at going and pitching myself and this whole project, because I’m so happy just doing the work, you know?

Writing recipes and sharing secrets and memories and ideas is what I love to do. I like hanging at my house, baking things, putting them on pretty plates/bricks and taking a picture. But, on the realz, that means that I probably haven’t done as well as I could have done. I’m sure there are opportunities to create cool things to share that I’ve missed because I’m not making buckets of money, and I gotta keep the budget in check. Plus I’m just plain terrible at negotiating.

Which is why, drumroll please, I’m so FREAKING excited to tell you this next bit. I have signed with The Remarkables Group! TRG is basically a blogger agency. Meaning that from now on, they will handle all of the blog/brand negotiations around here, and match me up with killer brands and project to work with, if and when they come along. First of all, let me tell you the truth, which is that this will probably have hardly any effect on what you see here. I’ve spent a lot of time chatting to the TRG team about how we’ll work together, and I am confident that you’ll never see anything that makes you do a double take.


Secondly, let me say that I am pretty honoured to be part of the TRG group of bloggers, because they are an amazing bunch. And the final thing I want to say is that this means I will have (hopefully) a little more cash in my back pocket to do bigger, cooler, more exciting and more 6-layered things around here! I’m talking t-shirts, e-books, videos and 1 or 2 other secret thanggggs. Anyway, I’m super excited. I hope you are too. This is going to be a big year!

xx Sarah.



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