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Flour and Chocolate Bakery Review I have had a pretty hectic past few weeks, which I won’t bore you with the details of, short of saying “GAH CHANGES!” In the meantime, I will  tell you about the break that my wonderful man-friend insists we take every now and then. It involves a drive over the bridge to the other side the of town, to a bakery called Flour & Chocolate. Flour & Chocolate is really the reason we go over the river at all, because they have, unequivocally got the very best croissants in all of Brisbane. Controversial! I know, but that’s the truth. I’ve been all over town looking for these babies, trust me. I have left no bakery unturned. And they come in the most amazing flavours too! It’s not traditional, I know, but the chocolate and coconut tastes like the glorious love-child of a bounty and a croissant, and if that’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Flour and Chocolate Bakery Review Flour and Chocolate Bakery Review They also have amazing donuts and a whole boatload of other deliciousnesses at Flour & Chocolate. I actually legitimately looked into moving into the area, just to be nearby. We are still moving (see above re:changes) but unfortunately, not any closer to this beloved bakery. Oh well, the drive is part of the ritual anyway. So we drive over the bridge, hit the bakery, pick up some croissants and a little of whatever else takes our fancy, and then we head to the closest outlet of Brother Espresso (Bulimba) for a couple of coffees. I love Brother Espresso, so much I almost worked there, but it didn’t pan out (again, changes). And from there we make way to a little park right on the river. We sit in our usual bench, munch our croissants, sip our java and chat. Flour and Chocolate Bakery Review Flour and Chocolate Bakery Review What do we talk about? Cliched answer I’m afraid; everything and nothing. It’s fun! Ninja Warrior, work, jokes, serious things, whatever. I can’t recommend taking a break like this enough. Especially if there are other areas of your life that might be a little hectic. It’s surprising how much good a perfect croissant, a tasty coffee and a relaxing few hours in a park can be. So no recipe today – just a recommendation. Find a coffee, a bakery and a park and relax! P.S. We like to stare at the swanky houses across the river and make up funny names for the yachts tied up out front of them. So far my favourites are “The SS Money Pit” and “The HMS Never-Sail”. Flour and Chocolate Bakery Review

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