Double Time Cherry Danish // The Sugar Hit

Double Time Cherry Danish

  Danishes really hit me where I live. Like Andy Dwyer, butter is maybe my favourite food. So those flaky-crispy layers of buttery croissant-like dough are my kryptonite. Actually, to continue the Superman analogy, I like to think of them…

Dan Dan Noodles [Street Food Friday] // The Sugar Hit

Dan Dan Noodles [Street Food Friday]

Chinese food is a cuisine, like Indian food, or South American food, is something about which I know barely anything. I mean, statistically, purely based on the geographical distance separating all the poeples of these places, there must be a…

Coconut Overnight French Toast // The Sugar Hit

Coconut Overnight French Toast!

  Overnight French Toast, how do I love you? Let me count the ways. Actually, that will take forever, let me just list the main way; eating you is basically eating bread and butter pudding for breakfast. And I love…

Coffee Cake Donuts // The Sugar Hit

Coffee Cake Donuts

  Buttery, crumbly cake, usually spiced with cinnamon, and topped with buttery, crunchy crumbs. Sometimes with a hint of cocoa running through the cake, sometimes not. Always that light, but rich cake crumb. Is there anything more comforting than the…

Vada Pav - classic Indian Street Food. Spiced potatoe patties with coriander chutney // The Sugar Hit

Vada Pav [Street Food Friday!]

  Crunchy, spiced potato patties, coated in a chickpea batter and fried. Crunchy, soft, spiced, punchy and comforting all at once, tucked into a white bread roll and topped with spiky coriander chutney and a scattering of chilli powder. The…

Vegan Coconut Pancakes! // The Sugar Hit

Vegan Coconut Pancakes

  The internet makes it essential that we slap labels on things, doesn’t it? Take these pancakes – I don’t make them because they’re vegan. I make them because they’re these light, crispy-edged, vaguely tropical pancakes that make me happy….

Roasted Strawberry Marshmallow Milkshakes // The Sugar Hit

Roasted Strawberry Marshmallow Milkshakes

  Have you ever seen the movie The Warriors? It’s a cult classic from 1979, set in a slightly distopian New York city, in which a young gang get stranded in the Bronx and have to make it back to their turf in…