Passionfruit & Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

Passionfruit Vanilla Marshmallows // The Sugar Hit


Here’s a secret for you – I used to HATE passionfruit. With a furious passion. The same passion with which I currently hate kiwi fruit (I love kiwi people, just can’t stand those weird fuzzy egg-shaped fruits with their tasteless green innards).


Passion fruit and me was a non-starter. I think it was entirely the texture, to be honest. I’m so sorry to have to use this terribly gross adjective, but there’s no other word for it: snotty.


Passionfruit Vanilla Marshmallows // The Sugar Hit


I have learned to love the p-fruit. In fact, now it’s absolutely my favourite tropical fruit. And the cool thing is, that living as I do in a sub-tropical city (we’re just shy of the tropic of Capricorn), there are passionfruit vines growing everywhere.


I love a cheeky urban-forage. I figure, if the fruit is outside of a person’s property, then it’s fair game! And also if I’m very quick, and very quiet and only take a few, shh, run!


Passionfruit Vanilla Marshmallows // The Sugar Hit


I used to think that passion fruit curd was the highest goal a passionfruit could aspire to. But now, having tried these ridonculous Passionfruit & Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, I know the truth.


These are the greatest marshmallows of all time. I will probably make other varieties in my life, but I can’t imagine they will be as nice as this.


Passionfruit Vanilla Marshmallows // The Sugar Hit


The gorgeous, primrose yellow of these marshmallows comes entirely from the passion fruit, though I seemed to get an especially bright orange-yellow batch, so others may turn out a little paler.


Imagine one of these floating in a cup of dark hot chocolate. Or torched and used as a layer in a decadent chocolate cake. Or studding a batch of white chocolate rocky road. Seriously.


Passionfruit Vanilla Marshmallows // The Sugar Hit


The only thing is, this is candy-making. So you do have to be precise. You will need a sugar thermometer, and either a standing mixer, or a very brave friend to hold the bowl and whisk, as you stream in the sugar-syrup.


Save for that bit, which is really no more scary than draining a pot of pasta, these are pretty simple to make. Just follow the steps like any other recipe, and be prepared for deliciousness. AND DON’T FORGET TO TOAST ONE!


xx Sarah.

P.S. Seriously, toast one.


Passionfruit Vanilla Marshmallows // The Sugar Hit

Passionfruit & Vanilla Bean Marshmallows
A sweet, summery marshmallow bursting with bright passionfruit and creamy vanilla flavour
Serves: 16
  • flavourless oil, such as grapeseed
  • 180ml strained passionfruit juice (anything from 5-10 passionfruit, depending on their size)
  • 20g powdered gelatine
  • 2 cups (450g) caster sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 2 egg whites
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 cup (100g) cornstarch (that's cornflour if you're in Aus/NZ)
  • 1 cup (100g) icing sugar
  1. Lightly grease and line with non-stick baking paper, an 8x8inch (20x20cm) square baking pan.
  2. Place the passionfruit juice and gelatine together in a small bowl, and stir well, then set aside to bloom.
  3. Place the caster sugar, and 1 cup (250ml) of water into a deep, heavy based saucepan.
  4. Split the vanilla bean, scrape out the seeds, and add them to the pan.
  5. Place the egg whites and salt into the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with the whisk attachment and whisk them for about one minute, or until they're frothy and light, but not at soft peaks. Turn off the mixer and leave.
  6. Place the vanilla-sugar-water mixture over a low heat, and stir gently, just until the sugar dissolves. Then, turn the heat up to medium-high, stop stirring and cook until the mixture reaches 125C/257F.
  7. Remove the pan from the heat, and stir through the bloomed passionfruit-gelatine mixture.
  8. Begin whisking the egg whites again on a medium speed, and then slowly stream in the hot passionfruit syrup. Keep whisking the whole time, until all the syrup is in. The mixture will be opaque, and seem quite runny.
  9. Continue whisking the mixture until it is almost at room temperature, but not quite. It should almost triple in size, and become moussey and cloud-like.
  10. Scrape the mixture into the lined pan (it won't be sticky, more moussey) and leave to set at room temperature for several hours.
  11. Once the marshmallow is set (jiggle the pan around, or give it a poke, it will be soft, but elastic), sift together the cornstarch and icing sugar a few times, and spread about half of it out on a clean work surface.
  12. Turn out the marshmallow onto the sugar mix, and using a well-oiled knife, cut into 16 squares - you will need to clean and re-oil between cuts.
  13. Dust over the remaining sugar mix, and then toss and coat each square. Store at cool room temperature for up to two weeks.


Passionfruit Vanilla Marshmallows // The Sugar Hit


    • Haha, yes. Hopefully one day we can do a little urban foraging together! Wear comfy shoes.

  1. I have to learn how to make marshmallows! They look so yummy!

    • Instructions are at the bottom of the post, babe! Have at it!

      • Thanks! I already managed to fail once following the instructions :D maybe I will do better this time..

        • I tried to include as much detail as I could, as well as all the details that have tripped my up before. But if you have any questions, feel free to sling them my way!

  2. That’s awesome that you live where there is passionfruit everywhere and I love your view of ownership rights. I totally do the same thing when blackberries are in season here. The ones right outside the neighbor’s yard are usually the biggest and would be a shame to waste, you know? These look so good! Fruity mallows are the best!

  3. homemade marshmallows are greater than all other marshmallows! And these look the BEST EVER!! I imagine the tart passion fruit is the perfect counter to the super-sweet mallow. And that color is killing me.

  4. I adore passionfruit in any/all forms. I must make these!

  5. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous, as usual. I still can’t handle that ‘snotty’ texture but you converting makes me think that maybe I should try it again as well…

  6. I love the color on these marshmallows, the pink background is perfect for that yellow!! :)

  7. I’ve been wanting to make marshmallows for a while now, you make it sound easy.


  9. Oh my goodness. These look incredible and I would love to make them! Sadly I can only get golden passionfruit in Indonesia and it’s just not a replacement!

  10. This is an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL idea!!! Those marshmallows look sooo fluffy I kinda just want to plop down and sleep on them! Is that a possibility? I could be licking powdered sugar in the morning, before I get out of bed. What a dream…
    Passionfruit is one of those fruits I’ve never tried before because of the price. I mean, I found them for $2 per fruit!! They look delicious and I really want to try them sometime. :/

    • If you live in australia they sell 170ml can of passionfruit pulp for the recipe and it’s roughly $2 – which will be cheaper :)

      • It would – I’m not sure what difference cooked passionfruit pulp would make to the recipe, but you could definitely try it. Plus, you might need two cans to make 180ml once the seeds are removed.

        • I made the marhsmallows with the canned passionfruit pulp and it turned out fantastic! It should work :)

          • Oh awesome! So glad you tried these and liked them!

  11. Um, can you say s’mores with shortbread and maybe some raspberry jam and these toasty marshmallows? YUM.

  12. YoWZA! These look absolutely delicious – that color is amazing. I’m hoping I can find passionfruit pulp here in the US (i can order it online if push comes to shove). finding fresh pf in the grocery store can be hit or miss at best.

    I took the liberty of looking up the original recipe in gourmet traveller and they had some other fun versions of marshmallows – like tequilla slammer, lemon sherbet and parmesan (you’ve got to be kidding – but the look great with the green pea soup)!!! looks like i’m now officially leaving my biscotti phase (before that was my macaron phase) and moving into my marshmallow phase!

    Love your blog – thank you!

  13. Yaaaaasss! Passion fruit is basically my favorite thing ever. I actually have a recipe for passion fruit marshmallows in my book–great minds think alike! xo

  14. I LOVE LOVE home made marshmallows. such a better flavour than the ones from Coles.

    I think kiwi’s are strange too; nothing you eat should be that hairy!

  15. I finally made these and I’m in love (yet again). they’re light as a feather with a lovely pinkish yellow color. passionfruit doesn’t grow in new jersey (us) so i had to order the puree but it was absolutely worth it. thanks for a great treat.

    • My absolute pleasure! Thank you for commenting! xx

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