Passionfruit Delicious Pudding

Passionfruit Delicious Pudding Recipe Ohh heeyyyyyy Winter. How you doin’? Because let me tell you – you look good. Like, snuggly doonas and flannel pyjamas good. Like, Ryan Reynolds in a nice suit good. You look so good, Winter, Ron Burgundy would want to be on you. Have you been working out Winter? You’re keeping it tight! Your mornings are crisp as ever, I bet you’ve been on the rowing machine. You are looking as elegant as Audrey Hepburn, and as ass-kicking as Katherine Hepburn. I walk out in your breeze, and it’s like, BAM, Winter is here biatches! You’re hitting your moves like Beyonce at the Super Bowl half time show. Poppin’ and lockin’. Passionfruit Delicious Pudding Recipe When Winter is keeping is to lean and mean, I really feel like I have to keep up my end of things. I like to do this in a three fold way. 1) Get out ALL your winter warmers; I’m talking blankets, jumpers, ugg boots, heaters (I have a 12 bar oil heater that is the light of my life) and prepare to get COSY.

2) Rock an awesome coat/scarf/jeans/boots/sunglasses ensemble for literally as many days in a row as I can

3) Hit the cookbooks and start making dessert, specifically puddings. That’s right – it’s pudding season. Passionfruit Delicious Pudding Recipe Passionfruits are in season at the moment, which has always seemed backwards to me. They seem like a hot-weather-flavour. Passionfruit popsicles, passionfruit cocktails, passionfruit fools; all seem perfect for a hot day, and a poolside. I am diggin’ the passionfruit this winter, though. Because it brings with it’s impossibly fragrant sweetness, some warmth. It brings the feeling of afternoon sun on your shoulders; of sun-warmed pavers under your feet, still radiating heat long after the sun sets. And that feeling is absolutely magical when baked into this Passionfruit Delicious. Have you heard of a Delicious? They are usually lemon-flavoured, sometimes called a Lemon Surprise, or a Self-Saucing Lemon Pudding. Whatever the name, the magic remains the same; when baked this pudding magically forms a light souffle-sponge on top of a pool of sauce, similar to passionfruit curd. And Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s Magic. Passionfruit Delicious Pudding Recipe It’s a sweet, light pudding, perfect companion to a night on the couch in front of your favourite TV show (30 Rock), and next to your favourite person. The passionfruit is aromatic, sour and sweet, the pudding is curdy on the bottom and super-light on the top. Speaking of the top, one edge of my pudding got slightly more colour than I intended, what with my new oven and all, but even that couldn’t spoil it. It just added a slightly more toasty aroma to the top edge of the pudding; sprinkle a little caster sugar on the top, and no-one will know. The raspberries were such a perfect companion for this, I actually insist that you serve them alongside. They are just too good together. So there you go. Winter is here (it really was coming) and now it’s time to indulge. Be my guests! Passionfruit Delicious Pudding Recipe


Passionfruit Delicious Pudding Recipe

Ingredients: 50g butter

150g caster sugar

zest and juice of 1 Lemon

180ml of passionfruit pulp (15 juicy passionfruits, about 3/4 cup) see note*

3 eggs

pinch of salt

50g plain flour

200ml milk

raspberries, to serve (mandatory) *Note: If you find that your passionfruits don’t yield enough juice, you can make up the amount with either milk or more lemon juice. Preheat the oven to 170C, and grease a 12 cup capacity baking dish. In a food processor whiz the butter, sugar and lemon zest until pale and fluffy. Add the lemon juice and passionfruit and whiz again until combined (this is important because if breaks up the pulp, if you don’t have a processor, I would sieve the pulp first, and then add the seeds back into the juice before proceeding). Add the egg yolks to the butter mixture, and place the egg whites in a seperate bowl with a pinch of salt. Add the flour and milk to the butter mixture, and whiz until you have a well combined batter. Whisk the egg whites until they hold soft peaks, and then fold gently into the passionfruit batter. I reccomend using a metal spoon for this, because the batter is quite runny and this step can take a fair bit of mixing – a spoon will give you a well combined mix in the shortest amount of time, without deflating the egg whites. Pour the mixture into your greased baking dish, and then place the baking dish into a roasting pan, and fill to about 1/2 way up with hot water from the tap. Bake at 170C for 45 to 50 minutes, or until the top springs back when touched and is lightly browned. The cake will still jiggle, as though soupy on the bottom, because of the curdy-sauce forming. Let it sit out of the oven for about 10 minutes before digging in, with a huge pile of raspberries.  


  1. I have so many thoughts about this post! Like:

    I can’t believe it’s winter anywhere in the world right now. It’s super-hot where I live and the thought of cold weather seems impossible. But still, you don’t seem like a liar, so I guess I’ll just have to reconcile these two things in my head. And also:

    I’ve seen these puddings, but never heard it called a Delicious! What a great name for a great dessert. And finally:

    I am obsessed with passion fruit (OB-SESSED) and basically want to add it to every dessert ever. Thank you for contributing to the world of passion fruit pastries!

    • Lol, I always love your comments Elizabeth! And maybe Delicious isn’t the most common name for these, might just be my family! Oh well, I’m not averse to some not-so-subliminal messaging. ;)

  2. Splendid as always – looks delicious and is exactly the kind of pudding I like. Have granadillas, will bake! It’s winter here, too, and we call passion fruit granadillas :-)

    • Thanks Sonia! I love that name too – granadillas! Granadilla Delicious Pudding sounds amazing.

  3. I love, love, love passionfruit! I’ve never worked with the actual fruit (are they common in Australia?), but I’ve made a curd from frozen puree before, and it was one of my favourite things I ate all year. Do you think that I could substitute frozen puree for the passionfruit pulp in this pudding? It looks like just my kind of thing.

    • Hey Katie! Frozen purée would be juuuust fine! Defrosted obviously. And yes, they are pretty common here – I live in Queensland which is pretty close to the tropics, so we get an abundance of juicy fruits.

  4. Now I’m kind of wishing it was winter here again! Although…I guess pudding could totally be an anytime food? I hope so because I want this in my life!

    • I completely agree! In the same way as cookies are a sometimes food, pudding is an anytime food!

  5. Since it is nearing eighty degree’s where I live, passionfruit will be turned around into a summer treat. This pudding look’s good for all seasons!

    • Why the heck not – sounds like a plan to me.

  6. Like you, I think passionfruits sound like it should be a summer fruit. Oh well all the better for us! Pud is so darn comforting. Come to me my precious…

  7. Hehe I love any post that references 30 rock! I’m embracing the weather to an extent but the rain was getting too much. Thank god it has now gone! :D

    • Lol – same and I agree! I can’t help it with the 30 Rock references.

    • It’s a great twist, nice to change it up.

  8. this looks simply stunning!
    if i can get my hands on a passionfruit or two, i’m in!!

  9. I’d never heard of a delicious or a snuggly doona, but now I want both.

    • Ooops, they must be Aussie things! But trust me you’ll love em!

  10. These look so pretty! I love the vibrant colors.

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